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The Robotic Cameras Of The 2012 Olympic Games And Beyond

The progression of technology has allowed for us to capture shots in angles that we would not usually be able to capture. Robotic cameras have the ability to fit into spaces and locations that a photographer would usually not be able to get to. These are fully controlled by remote as well. It may very well begin to change the landscape of photojournalism. Check out what you can expect and how it's done within.

Reuters covered this great story and shows us the possibilities of robotic cameras:

On any sports event where there isn’t a place for a photographer or there is a need to freeze a moment from different perspectives we use remote technology – cameras triggered by cable wire or with a wireless transmitter. We wanted to make impossible things possible; just like the athletes at the Olympic games.

At the upcoming Olympics for the first time we are using robotic cameras made specifically for the high elevated roof positions that can only be covered by a remote camera and not by a photographer.

Over the next few weeks until the Olympic Games open on July 27, I will install our new robotic cameras, often using climbing equipment. From now on, getting up early in the morning and spending more than 12 hours at the various venues is my daily business as a photographer to make this picture dream come true. 

The robotic camera can be released by a photographer over wireless transmitters or externally triggered by a cable. All images are directly transferred into our Paneikon remote editing system and from there can be transmitted on the wire.

Be sure to check out the full article here as well as the images below.












[Via Reuters]

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Right choice of dslr or the D4 would have been just as good. Either way awesome gear. In the right hands we can expect great results. Despite the Canon & Nikon dumb shit comments coming soon...

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i guess the only person has talked about Canon vs Nikon so far is you! It's a fact that Canon is used in sports much more than Nikon (not saying Canon is better, they both are awesome, but Canon is more known outside of the US)

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Yep. Especially in sports. Canon was the first to do autofocus REALLY well and gained tremendous market share in sports photography. Doubtful they will ever lose that lead, despite Nikon now having the fastest predictive autofocus. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Canons are used here. 

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Reminds me of the Gitzo Athena

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OMG!!!!   Camera orgasmic!!!!

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The latest in camera automation: no photographer required!

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lol .. and again lol .. 

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tog to be upsolit

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It just goes to show you that it's the gear that's important after all, not the photographer....

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No salary,No OT No hotel, No perdiem No benifits. GREAT!!!! Oh yeah and the best of all No whinning photogs.