Looking to Purchase a New Background for Your Studio? Here is One of the Best Out There

I'm always on the hunt for new equipment that could make my life a little easier and my workflow smoother. Find out the next best purchase you can make for your studio today.

I have to admit, I struggle with the common symptoms of G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), but as a home small studio shooter, I am always on the lookout for backgrounds that can save me time, space, and money. When it comes to backgrounds, there's a myriad of types of backgrounds to purchase, ranging from seamless paper rolls, to the beautiful hand painted backdrops you see in fashion magazines. The above options are all great, but if you want to house them in your studio, you're going to need a sufficient amount of space, which a lot of times is in the minimum. So with size, quality, and price in mind, the Collapsible Background series from Savage makes for the perfect in-studio portrait companion. 

In today's video, New York City based portrait photographer and YouTuber, Miguel Quiles, finds the Collapsible Background series from Savage to be one of the best backgrounds you could purchase today for your portrait photography studio. He goes onto explain the top three reasons why. The first being it's portability and ease to setup and tear down both in studio, and on location. Next, its versatility; the backgrounds are actually double sided, so you can knock out multiple looks in half the time. Lastly, he highlights the ample amount of space you save when storing them in your studio. 

As an avid user of this product and having used it on dozens of shoots in the past, I couldn't recommend it enough. Pick up your collapsible background today here

Which style of background is your favorite? Leave your response in the comments below!

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Richard Evans's picture

Love the gray background the most! Collapsible.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Someone make me a 7' x 8' collapsable in solid charcoal grey, and I'm buying it. (The perfect shade for adding light / colours and would be just the right size to get decent separation).

Unfortunately we only get offerings of lighter, insipid mid grey shades which just remind me of passport photos.

Toni Tsay's picture

Love the white background. Collapsible.

Nada Ivanova's picture

I use vinyl backdroung , for now i have black and white... planning to get some grey like in this video.For newborn photography i use printed vinyl.i do myself the drawing and get it printed... make very unique and special background that last long time.