The making of the Golf Digest Magazine January 2014 Cover Shoot

This video from Golf Digest's latest cover shoot is pretty much all about stroboscopic photography. If you're unfamiliar, this is a technique for depicting the changing features of subjects in motion. It started with the Phenakistoscope (say that a few times) in the 1830's, but didn't really evolve into a photographic use until 100 years later when Harold Edgerton started using a repeating flash lamp and film to capture fast-moving objects in motion. There's your brief history lesson...Fast forward to modern day and creating something like this is fairly simple if you have a strobe with a good recycle time and are decently proficient in Photoshop.

Actually the reason I wanted you to see this is the light setup. You don't really see beauty dishes used in this fashion very often and in my opinion it led to a pretty interesting result. So here is my question for you this time around (technically it's a two-parter): Why do you think photographer Dylan Coulter chose this method rather than say, two small softboxes or strips? How would you have done it differently?

Check out more of Dylan's work on his website

Via ISO1200

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His swing is terrible..... :-)

HA! I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think that. My first thought was "that's gonna hook on him".

Did they do that in someone's house?

Looks like a squash court to me.

Could be many reasons. It may be as simple as they had a previous shoot and this is what they already had packed.

I would have shot this the quickest and easiest way possible because unfortunately this will be a typical cover shot that will be forgotten very quickly.

As advertising photographers we spend so much time on the technical for a series of images that are quickly shuffled into the pile.

Its a nice shot none the less but i would shoot this in the most simple clean way.