No Photoshop Allowed: 10 Clever In-Camera Tricks to Try

You can never know enough tricks of the trade when it comes to photography — those little techniques that can transform a boring picture into something that will stop the viewer in their tracks. Here are 10 of those go-to tricks well worth adding to your photographic arsenal today.

Occasionally on social media, you will come across an image that will impress you. Sometimes, it may even have you scratching your head as to how the photographer made the picture in question. Jordi Koalitic is one of those image-makers who, like a magician with a camera, seems to be able to make the impossible possible. This week, Koalitic lifts the lid on some of the secret techniques that he uses to make the mind-boggling images he makes.

What I like about this particular behind the scenes video is how direct it is when it comes to showing how the work was made. After each technique is shown, the final image is displayed on screen to illustrate what magic can be achieved. If that wasn't enough, the camera settings are also included for each setup, which is a nice extra.

The great thing about the techniques and items used by Koalitic is that all of them can easily be done with any basic camera and include mostly readily available household items. If you're stuck for some ideas for your next shoot, this video is well worth a look.

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JetCity Ninja's picture

it's all fun and games until one of these catches on and your instagram feed is polluted with copycats.

Courtney Ramsey's picture

LOL, I was thinking about how much I can't wait to try a few of these ideas. If for nothing else than to spark creativity and try new camera techniques.... And it will be alllll over my IG feed! LOL

michaeljinphoto's picture

A bunch of these are just variations of the same trick: Put your camera super close to something to get a unique perspective.

Jason Ward's picture

Wow,this techniques are unbelievably cool