Photographing 24 Hours of Le Mans on a Miniature Scale

Photographing 24 Hours of Le Mans on a Miniature Scale

For some of us photographing the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a dream that would be a peak in our careers in the world of Motorsports Photography. The images created at this iconic race have been some of the most powerful images in the genre. For one collector however, his enthusiasm for the sport and an endless collection of scale replicas of the famous Le Mans cars led to him recreating some incredibly authentic looking images inspired by the Les Mans Race. 

David Tapin, an automotive enthusiast and scale model collector, is doing just that. With nothing more than some natural light and some clever work with his camera angles, he has created some amazing images that you have to look at pretty closely to see what they really are.

Based out of Vernuil Sur Avre, France, he crafts his images using scale model replicas of famous Les Mans racers as well as props and created to match the scale of the cars and even in one example, a simple printout of a garage door can be used to create convincing images. You can see his portfolio on his Facebook page as well as on his Flickr Account as well. Below are just a handful of his images from his portfolio as well as a link to a video showing a little bit more of his work and how he creates his different images.

For those of you interested in the video, hope your French is up to snuff!


Some Porsche miniatures racing on the crafted scenery from David's portfolio.

Corvette C7.R Miniature during a 'night portion' of the Les Mans event.

Audi Race car at Sunset

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