Brilliant Photographer Photoshops His Son and Himself Driving an Aston Martin in Iceland

Commercial Conceptual Photographer and Digital Artist Adrian Sommeling is one of the names that every retoucher and creative photographer should know. He has one of the most incredible portfolios out there with work that you simply can only wonder how the heck it was done. Well, to learn more about how he creates his stunning digital art, he’s started to push out short videos with explanations on every step. In this article, discover how he shot his son, himself, and an Aston Martin before compositing them onto an Iceland landscape.

While the video above won’t give you all the details to shoot and create your own composites, it’s more than worth the watch. Sommeling provides enough details to understand many of the differences between a good composite and one that looks like the real thing. Many of the techniques he uses in Photoshop can be found on YouTube, or if you’d like to learn the exact methods he uses, check his paid tutorials.

Behind-the-scenes videos or watching the thought process of other photographers and retouchers has personally helped me grow and improve my work tremendously. Oftentimes, most of the techniques are similar from one photographer to another, but the real difference is in the attention to fine details and the way to use the techniques learned. For example, seeing how much attention Sommeling gave to the reflection and shadows was impressing and in my opinion is what made this shot as good as it is.

Do you enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes or making-of videos like this one? Would you like to see more of them or are there any topics you’d like to see in particular? Let me know in the comments below.

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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Making composites believable is an underrated skill. If done right no one should be able to tell. This comes pretty close to that which is a nearly impossible. Love it.

Adrian rocks.

Wow very clean composite. +++