Sacramento Timelapse That Might Melt Your Face

All great timelapses typically take a long time to produce and this piece is no exception.  spent over 18 months on this project scouting locations, exploring angles, and taking over  20,000 photos for his Sacramento timelapse. He uses a few different timelapse methods and used two different pieces of hardware to achieve the look. Check out the two links below to the motion control gear.

From Justin On The Project via his Vimeo Page.

Two years ago my wife and I relocated to Sacramento, California so she could attend school. While here, I have learned to love the vast ethnic and scenic diversity of the area. California's capital may not be best known for scenic beauty, but you may beg to differ after seeing this video! I personally love the quiet fields of agriculture that lay just outside the bustling city. Sacramento certainly has its own unmistakable flare and charm! This is my exploration of different timelapse methods while using motion control gear provided by eMotimo (, Dynamic Perception (, and some homemade equipment. Over 20,000 individual photographs and 18 months of hard work went into creating this timelapse journey around the Sacramento area. I hope you enjoy!


Products He Used

-Emotimo Camera Sliders

-Dynamic Perception Motion Control

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Twitter: @varient3
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Nice video, but "might melt your face"?
Looks like pretty much every other time-lapse out there.

I am a big fan of time-lapse and this isn't really melt in your face type. In fact when writers overhype it, it falls flat in the face.

Jozef Povazan's picture

There are nice sections it this time-laps but it does not have that wow effect the title is mentioning. The editing and putting it all together is where this failed. Nice concept but rushed in post process so the final effect missed its purpose. Transitions are weak point here... Gary, yahoo style headings and titles so people click on it does not really represent this as it should IMO ... FS have good stuff for reader but sometimes it seems to me you are trying too hard to impress with wow titles even though the final piece is not that wow :)

Chet Meyerson's picture

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the previous comments. I was expecting something a bit more!

just so you know, this video did, indeed, melt off my face. i will be filing suit as i thought you were being hyperbolical with that silly title

Haters drinking the hater-aid. Lets see your timelapse on Fstoppers?

Anthony Woodruffe's picture

So this is the best time-lapse video you've ever seen. I personally was expecting fire and volcanic eruptions from title. This makes a nice little achievement goal for the producer but as far as TL videos go it was 3 mins of nothing really inspiring, Thank god I hadn't wasted 18 months filming it. You don't need to have BA to appreciate good art.

You're a fucking dick and it shows. Congrats buddy.

Anthony Woodruffe's picture

Wow you ran of something intelligent to say very quick... Is this the best line you could come up with in your imaginative list of witty putdowns?

Dudley Didereaux's picture

Well you certainly brought the conversation down below the level of your photographic efforts...

Anthony Woodruffe's picture

I'd Just like to add that the author of this time-lapse video after calling me a "a fucking dick" then proceeded to hunt me down on Facebook. He asked why such negativity on the film, that we should encourage each other, (even after swearing at me), why I was being nasty ( what, I'm the bad guy here), on something he did for fun with zero budget? Although he wasn't interested in having a forum internet debate he went on to admit that he had indeed posted the obscene reply. He asked if I was jealous stated he thought my comment was childish. I'm not apologising for my comment because I believe that no thanks to Gary Martin's Über-hyped title Mr. Majeczky may well have wasted 18 months of his life.

I see a few things wrong here but ultimately as I wrote to Mr. Majeczky, the fault is not his time-lapse video which is good, but of Fstoppers who put him in a difficult position because they let us the viewer down with the title. However even though my comment of him possibly wasting 18 months of his life filming the time-lapse may have been a bit too close to the bone, for Mr. Majeczky to spit profanities in my direction is certainly not what people come to expect from visiting Fstoppers.

Where do I go from here? Stop visiting Fstoppers because of one comment. Should I continue visiting but feel threatened into silence? Should Fstoppers ban me? Should Mr. Majeczky apologise for his foul language? I don't know what the right answer is but I feel certain various forms of 'internet etiquette' have broken down of which I find myself partly responsible.

This only proves that old cliché "loose words sink ships."