The Three Capture One Features I Couldn't Live Without

The Three Capture One Features I Couldn't Live Without

When it comes to editing software, there are dozens to choose from, however Capture One takes the cake. Find out why in this article.

1. Copy and Paste All Adjustments 

One of the most life-saving and time-consuming shortcuts I have found unique to the Capture one eco-system is the fact, that in one second, you can edit dozens of images in one click without ever having to leave your viewer screen. When it comes to editing events, this shortcut is second to none and something I employ on a regular basis.

When using this tool, if you make an adjustment you like on an image, and you want to apply the exact same crop, exposure, sharpening, and color to the next fifty images, you can do so in a matter of seconds. The same holds true when you're in the middle of your tethering session. As you shoot, Capture One recognizes your previous images adjustments and automatically applies them to any proceeding images. 

To access this tool, simply open your browser window. When I edit pictures from any event, I typically put my workstation into "Simplified-Import-Edit-Export" which can be found under Window-Workspace. Once your workstation is setup, there will be two arrows next to each other in the top right corner: one up arrow, and one down arrow. 

Next, head over to your adjustment tab and make any modifications to the exposure, white balance, crop, or anything else you'd like to change. Once you're happy with the new changes, click on the first up arrow to copy any adjustments, then select any number of images you would like to apply those changes too using the command key on mac or option key on Windows. After you have selected the images, click the down arrow to paste all the adjustments to the selected images. 

2. Controlling Your Camera with Live View 

The advantages of using Capture One's integrated "Live View" feature are endless. Are you a product photographer who need maximum sharpness when shooting their images? This is the tool for you. Are you a portrait photographer who wants to get a unique angle and mount your camera in crazy positions? This tool is for you. I have used Live View mode to control my camera settings, focus, white balance, and anything else we can do on your camera, without having to touch it. 

To access this tool, press L on your keyboard and it will pop off. If you have not set your keyboard shortcut to that control, to add a custom keyboard shortcut, head over to the edit tab, down to Edit Keyboard Shortcuts and then search for Live View. Then, set it to whatever you like. Once you start using Live View mode, you'll never look back. 

3. Exporting Your Photos in One Click

When editing and processing a large number of images, efficiency is key. After a long editing session, I don't want to be fiddling with any export settings, I want to just let the computer do its thing. That is, when setting up my session, I have already gone into the Processing toolbar and configured all my necessary preferences to process and export my images to the desired location.

In Capture One, without even leaving your viewer module, you are able to export, or in Capture One lingo, process your images in a single click. All you have to do, is by default, press Command or Option D, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. 

Over to You

Do you have any tools or shortcuts that you use on a regular basis in Capture One that have saved you time and frustration? Leave them in the comments below!

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Eli Dreyfuss is a professional portrait photographer based in sunny Miami, Florida. He focuses on making ordinary people look like movie stars in his small home studio. Shortly after graduating high school he quickly established himself in the art world and became an internationally awarded & published artist.

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LOL I gave it up 4 different times over the it another shot now though

Good because Fstoppers will relentlessly plug C1 until you do.

I gave it up once because I simply didn't have the patience to learn it. Went back to it years ago and except for a minor and mercifully short detour into Affinity Photo (Worst raw converter ever and a browser that had to work its way UP to fart joke) I can do a great majority of my work with it. Photoshop comes into play for the really sophisticated edits I occasionally need.

Tethering and how it operates is awesome. As its my almost universal goto, I cant narrow down what my favorite main features are. It just suits my general needs far better than anything else I've used.

Generic ‘my software is better than yours’ comment.

Lightroom, copy devleop settings, paste. Lightroom, highlight all files, hit export or export with previous. Seems these unique features exist in other software.

Yes, that is possible with Lightroom :) And if that meets all of your exporting needs, then perfect! Capture Ones process recipes are incredibly powerful and allow me to be in a session and export different files, file types, sizes etc to different people in different places, all with a single button click. It's pretty amazing...

Absurdly low price for Sony-only version
Customizable interface
Luma curve
Luma mask

If Phase One would add a real healing brush/blemish removal-type tool, I'd be over the moon.

and bracketing/focus stacking

Color Balance
Color Editor
Luma Range
And, the speeeeed. Lord 'o Mighty!

Also keyboard shortcuts. My poorman's Loupedeck. I have the common ones I use clustered.

Using Sessions and Catalogs together might be my favorite feature of Capture One. Each has their own purpose and can be used together or separately. In general, the software is easy to navigate and is fast. No hate to Lightroom, but I tried using it recently for a test and nearly pulled my hair out.

I really don't like the interface. I think it would take me a very long time to adjust to it. I have the Sony version, but don't use it.

it tock me 2 weeks to learn besics of Capture One.. not hard at all. skin tone and colors look better. But you still need photoshop for retouching! and Capture One YOUTUBE is a graet place to learn if you want do learn..

And use "Migrate workspace" if you want it to look more like lightroom