Touching Strangers: A Series of Group Portraits with Strangers

Imagine a portrait photographer asking people to pose for a quick picture on the streets of a large city, nothing too out of the ordinary, right? Now imagine if he asked you to pose with a compete and utter stranger. That's what New York photographer, Richard Renaldi has set out to do. The series entitled, 'Touching Strangers' is an intimate look at how humanity could be.

Family portrait photography is suppose to be affectionate and filled with the people you love. Richard successfully takes those ideals and brings people together in a fundamental way that can be best described as just being human. In a world so full of skepticism, wariness and fear of the unknown it's nice to see people come together that otherwise never would in photographs that are not only beautiful, but meaningful.

Renaldi started the series about six years ago and in a recent Kickstarter campaign successfully raised enough money to publish a book for his series. What I find to be pretty interesting about the series other than the unique look on street and portrait photography is the really neat large-format camera that he uses to shoot the portraits with.

You can find more on the series on the kickstarter page here: Touching Strangers: Photographs by Richard Renaldi

[Via: CBS News]

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olivier borgognon's picture

love the project, and would love to see the video, but CBSOnline has decided that switzerland was not allowed to view it... What a great shame. Is it available elsewhere, on Vimeo or other site ?

Rebecca Britt's picture

Did you try clicking on the Via link?

That works !

Peter House's picture

I don't know why these things get to me, but they do. There is something so powerful about the human touch. It is so nice to see total strangers break down social walls and make that human connection forever captured in a fantastic image. I love it. Thanks for sharing this Rebecca!

WTF !?! Video is not available in your country.... what gives ?

Rebecca Britt's picture

It's CBS News. Your country might have a ban on the news outlet.

Oh allright... we'll admit it then... we've been bad !

Rebecca Britt's picture

Uh wait... What???

Not my fault if CBS is banned in your country.


Great project. What's more impressive is his camera of choice.

You can download/watch the video here too, all over the world:

You can use to view the video in diff. countries... remember to remove "www." when pasting the links in to the little field. :)

Spy Black's picture

Think about this if Richard should find you:

Sean Shimmel's picture

Appreciative blips:

Gracefully sweet: 00:52 and 00:56 (kissing and cradling)

Daring: Large format out in the sun at a kinetic (dangerous) basketball game

Humane: Old mixed with tough (and the tender sensibility to have him kneeling)

Keep up the special vision, Richard