6 Marketing Tips for Photographers in a Recession

Recessions are rough on nearly everyone, especially the businesses without a store front because we miss out on the community drives to save a business from going under. That's OK, we'll survive and here are 6 of my favorite tips to help you have a bigger punch during the pandemic.

I'm a firm believer that recessions can spark new life into a small business, if they plan it out accordingly. That means all the obvious things like cutting your overheads and shopping smarter. As the big businesses fight to keep their lifestyle up and retain their clients, the small businesses can make more bold moves. That also means they have ask for help and be more visible, and that's what this video is about.

While the video goes into depth to help you make the most of the times, here is a breakdown of ways to capitalize:

  1. If your clients cannot purchase a photography package from you, ask them to consider reviewing your business on either Yelp or Google.
  2. You can remind clients that they should reschedule instead of cancel. It's easy to ask for a refund but few know the impact of that on the small business. Educating the client is a worthwhile endeavor.
  3. The awkward suggestion of tips for your services.
  4. Offer and promote gift cards to help you make it through the hardest of times.
  5. Ask the clients how they can contribute to your business with ideas and suggestions.
  6. Request friends, family, and former clients to share you work.

It's a time to be vocal and ask for help. Those that ask are generally those that receive. Our clients understand that we're not a huge studio with multiple employees and a full account. They understand you're likely freelance. With everyone panicking, it's important to remind clients about rescheduling versus canceling or asking for referrals. 

I'll say this: most people are good. It's not scientific but I believe most people are good. They want to be of service and see you prosper, but not everyone knows how to help. Sometimes, it's a matter of asking for the exact type of assistance we need.

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Walid Azami is a Photographer/Director and creative consultant from Los Angeles. He got his start working with Madonna + Co by contributing to her many projects. It was then he realized his place in the creative world & began teaching himself photography. He has since shot Kanye, Mariah Carey, Usher, Bernie Sanders, JLO, amongst others

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You did not have to be creative or smart. It's a literal transcription of the video content. You don't add anything to it.

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Gift cards are a good way to get new clients, that's what I learned from my own experience. People buy them for their friends' Bdays and their people come back to me later, too. Rescheduling is also a good thing. I've nticed that extra gifts, like 3 edit variations of one and the same picture also make people surprised in a good way, and all I had to do for that is to add a different photodiva filter. Sometimes underpromising and overdelivery are a real help.