6 Things Chase Jarvis Does for a Happy and Productive Day

Part of the allure of being a full-time freelance photographer is the ability to work for yourself and make your own schedule. That means no more nine to five and no more of the monotonous daily routine, right? Not necessarily. Your routine doesn't have to be monotonous but according to the seemingly always energetic artist, photographer, and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis, a solid morning routine can jump start your day.

In Episode 7 of Chase Jarvis RAW, Jarvis talks about his morning routine, which doesn't involve a computer or camera, and how it paves the way for him to be productive and happy throughout the day. Both of which are crucial for being able to work with people and staying energized. Obviously each day is different, but I think having a morning routine is genuinely important and sets the pace for the rest of your day. Jarvis touches on the amount of sleep he gets, his transcendental meditation practice, and a variety of other topics. Jarvis delivers some solid all-around advice for life, let alone photography or business. Check out the video for yourself and feel free to share any important aspects of your daily routine that help you stay in the zone for your creative work.

[via ISO1200]

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Aaron Gilpin's picture

Meanwhile, back in the real world ! heres 8 things to start my day - 1 be woken up at 5am by two screaming kids, 2 sort kids breakfast, 3 get kids dressed, 4 get self dressed, 5 get kids to school, 6 get wife to work, 7 get self to the studio, 8 drink coffee.

Dana Goldstein's picture

lol I was thinking the same thing ;)

Ken Kotch's picture

Respectfully, I have to disagree with you Aaron. I appreciate your point. I have a 3 year old who doesn't always cooperate in the morning. Getting her ready for school and driving my wife to the train takes time and effort. I think Chase's point it set your intentions and work toward them.
Do I run every morning? No.
Do I always have a great breakfast? No.
Do I always meditate? Ok, never. It makes me too calm.
There are about 7 things I try to do every morning. They almost never all get done. But I am more happy and productive when I strive for them.

nigel walker's picture

well it was your choice to have 3 kids. I get tired of people whining they can't do stuff becasue they have kids, like they are making some type of sacrifice for the rest of us.

Aaron Gilpin's picture

I actually only have 2 kids !

Aaron Gilpin's picture

I guess you have none?

michael andrew's picture

you do realize you didn't appear out of thin air right? You were a kid once and he wasn't complaining yet stating his obligations to his family that inhibit him from doing whatever he wants with his life. And yes if he is a good father he is doing something for the rest of us, by instilling structure into the social health of our world with more good people.

Andrew Richardson's picture

#7 Roll around in the piles of all that sweet sweet Chase Jarvis cash.

Tracy Chipman's picture

I am right here with Chase on the outstanding benefit of a lil daily routine like this. And it is a fantastic reminder to 'step the ef! away from the tablet' before getting my 6 things in. So thank you Chase!
1/ scrape my tongue - jeesus, the stuff that comes off my tongue is amazing, once you start doing this you will wanna do this every morning.
2/ for me it is WARM water - 8oz, it stimulates my innards for a nice happy release which leads to...
3/ elimination! yippeee, yes do (train yourself - seriously) to drop the kids at the pool in the morning...the day is just way better
4/ Meditate - YAY and like Chase after trying many many different practices, TM wins for me. i <3 TM
5/ Food - for me oatmeal or eggs n' veg
6/ Move - yep sometimes a bike ride or 15 minutes of yoga or a brisk walk.

Thank you Chase!