Are You Raising Your Photography Rates? You Should Be

The broad and often contentious topic of pricing one's photography services can be a mind-melting process for new professional photographers or for those that are less business-savvy — but it needn't be so difficult. This video not only looks at the ways in which photographers can raise their rates, but also why every photographer should periodically increase their prices.

Fashion photographer and retoucher, Kayleigh June, offers some great advice in this video. And, while her channel is focused on fashion photography, the advice she gives here can be applied not just to any photographer, but also to any freelancing creative. Very few photographers nail their pricing when starting out. The reasons for this can vary, but it's almost an inevitability that rates will fluctuate a bit in the first few years before becoming more established with regular clients. When things start to settle, and calendars start to fill, every photographer should be looking at their rates at the end of every tax year. 

If you're someone who struggles with this aspect of your business, then June's advice here is spot on. The number one rule when communicating this to a client is to be confident and don't over-explain yourself. Okay, two rules, but you know what I mean. Any reasonable person would understand the logic and other businesspeople should know this intuitively — even expect it. Approaching in a meek or overly-apologetic way will make it seem like you're not even convinced that you should be raising your rates.

Have you had any issues with clients when raising your rates? 

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