Bill Frakes And Joe McNally iPad Interview

FS reader Teymur Madjderey just sent us this interesting video. Bill Frakes and Joe McNally stand up for an iPad interview. Strange yes, but worth watching.

Bill Frakes and Joe McNally iPad Interview from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

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Patrick Hall's picture

Reminds me of the time Bill called me to ask if fstoppers was in Vegas....we were in NYC with Peter Hurley! Anyone interested in a sports bts video?

czed's picture

nice ... (btw there are 2 P in Photographer .-)

Kasper Løftgaard's picture

And it's made by Nicolai Brix.. He's a danish photographer that did a lot of the video for Manfrotto at Photokina. He has a great blog if anyone knows how to read danish :)

Carlos Bruno's picture

Joe like ALWAYS, making confusion about dates ... 1973 was when he first listened a music on his brand new iPOD ... iPAD he only start to use in 1978 and probably the interview was stolen from him (on that time he was very nasty celebrity) around 1983.
Or maybe it was when he and Bob met in 1873? Dunno ...

Brian Moore's picture

That was genius! thanks for sharing this.

SHANE BRUER's picture

Yea, bts for sports would be kinda cool.