Creative Companies Giving Great Benefits to Us During This Time

Creative Companies Giving Great Benefits to Us During This Time

Some companies and organizations making products or services for the creative industries have seriously stepped up their game during this time.

It’s worth noting these companies, because they are the ones that are about serving you, and not about making money from you. They're offering their products and services at cheaper rates, or for an extended free-trial period. They’ve got your back, and want you to be better off using what they have to offer.

The United Nations

There is an open brief by the United Nations which could work out to be some great portfolio work for your future and once life has returned back to normal. It will also give you something to do during your time at home. Find out more here.


If you are a freelancer, (if you’re a photographer you most likely are,) you need some business tools to make things work when you’re trying to focus on the creative execution. Underpinned has you covered and they are giving you

Apple Final Cut and Logic Studio

You can try out Final Cut Pro and Logic Studio for three months. So if you’ve ever considered switching to a platform with a one-off payment instead of subscription regarding video and audio production, this is it.


Shutterstock has a resource page that shares information about the affect the virus has on creative industries, but it also offers insights into which images are needed at the moment. It’s also offering some images for free, with the premise of sharing crucial information at no cost to the public.

Arc Studio Pro

If you’ve ever considered the narrative form as something you’d like to consider, Arc Studio is offering their pro version for free until further notice.


If you’ve been in the photography industry for the past decade, you most certainly have learnt something from Phlearn. They are offering their courses at a 40% discount. If you want to improve your skills in Photoshop, this is certainly a place you could do just that. 


MoMA is offering free online art courses you can take during this time at home. Any creative profession usually gets inspired from others. So studying art is one of those ways you can ignite the spark that sets off new ideas and projects.


You can get all the Fstoppers Tutorials at a 30% discount. There's so much variety in the different niches, and it's produced by photographers for photographers. 


It's great that these companies are doing this. But what can you as a creative do to help? Can you offer your assistants pay up front for work you've got lined up in a few months' time? Is it possible to sell your services to clients and have it paid for now? I don't think it's going to be easy, but it's an option if it suits your business style. 

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