An Easy, Free Tool to Sell Vouchers for Future Work

We're all at home now, strategizing what we're going to do once it all ends. Here is a platform where you can sell vouchers and have the money reflecting in your account. And it's free. 

The site is a place where you can sell vouchers to clients in order to get paid during the quiet months, and do the work in the future. The creator, Rob Hope, a surfer and overall great guy from South Africa, saw the effects of now work meant to his friends and decided to build something to help. He decided that this tool will be the way people can sell future work now, to have ends meet at the end of the month.

Not everyone is going to buy a voucher from you, sure, but it's surely a way for someone who needs images and can afford it to book you, at a discount. If you've got a site with a payment gateway already setup you can surely sell vouchers that way, although here it might be easier and quicker to set up. PayPal has a fee, sure, but the middleman doesn't charge any fee. It's to help wherever possible. 

It's really something to have someone put in the time to build something like this and doing so for free. In fact, on the Product Hunt page (which you should up-vote if you can) he shows a breakdown of all the costs involved in building something like this, to give us some perspective. He spent 150 hours building it, and had to outsource some development to get it all off its feet. 

Lead Image by Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean

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Thank you so much for the Gvouchers feature Wouter and Fstoppers. Please let me know if you have any questions about the free service :)