Filmmaker Shares Practical Tips for Getting Clients for Video Projects

We know there isn't a formula for getting clients for filmmaking projects, but someone else's successful way of doing it may work for us. Why don't we try it?

Filmmaker Jakob Owens gives a few solid tips that, in my opinion, are universal and will work for most of us. The key point he stresses is having a portfolio or at least a reel with clips from your best work. Having high-end videos will attract high-end customers who will pay you, because they highly value what you do. Have you ever thought your work is not strong enough, because it's built-up by non-paid jobs and low-budget productions? Owens says he started with that exact type of portfolio. As long as it looks good, it's good, no matter how much you have earned from these gigs. For those of you who haven't reached the point of having a few moving pictures you are proud of, today, you have everything you need to build a portfolio. Leaving most of the meat on the bone, I will let you watch the video to see what that filmmaker did and still does for his business, which helps him pave his way into the music industry.

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