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Learn How to Achieve a Cinematic Look

"Cinematic" has been a buzz word lately, and in a nutshell, that's how we say a subject has a refined look ike in the movies. This video will not only teach you the basics, but also give you extra tips on lighting the set environment.

How to Choose a Name for Your Business?

Whether you are an owner of another company or someone with a nine-to-five job, you may want to start your own business offering photography or video services. This article will give you advice about how you should and should not name it.

Should You Begin Photography as an Assistant?

Every once in a while, I receive a request from a beginner photographer who want to become my assistant. I usually decline their application, and in the following article, I'm going to explain why. This information is also useful for those who'd like to become apprentices of established professional photographers.