The Fascinating Story of a Big-Production Director and Cinematographer Who Started With Jobs On Craigslist

He didn't go to film school. He didn't have any formal education in photography or filmmaking. He had a humble nine-to-five job. He didn't start pursuing filmmaking in his twenties, but later. And he will teach you how to smash a Ferrari on a budget.

That's just the beginning of the story of the successful creative director Avi Cohen, interviewed by Potato Jet. I am always fascinated when listening to stories of successful people. Some of these have helped me grow my skills and my business. I learned how they overcame certain situations and what they did to hone their craft and advance their careers. Such is the situation with Avi Cohen, who is working with big directors and producers on sets with impressive stunts, big explosions, fast cars, and helicopters. From this interview you will not only learn how he started when he was 30, but also some of the details of the preproduction of complex action scenes.

Part of the interview covers a very interesting piece of Cohen's portfolio: a video where a beautiful girl smashes a red Ferrari. He told the story of that project and how he did that on a budget. Yes, that's doable by most filmmakers out there. Creativity was the key in this project, not money. I don't want to spoil it for you, but see it for yourself.

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Rod Kestel's picture

Very very cool, worth watching to see how the talent whalloped the Ferrari, I never would've guessed. Almost as shocking as if it were your Hasselblad.

David Crossley's picture

"And then Ferrari lost their minds-sent cease and desist letters' awesome! Many great insights and a really great piece!

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