Five Video Editing Tips for Organizing Your Workflow

Whether you are new to editing, or you have solid experience, you might have moments where something in your workflow is constantly dragging you behind. Professional video editor, Lucas J. Harger, shares several of his organizing techniques in order to speed up post-processing.

I haven't seen a single craft where organizing your tools and processes is not a key element to making things quicker and more effective with the same, if not better, quality. Working with modern editing applications gives us a lot of freedom of choice how to create the end result. You can try to find your own way, of course, but it's always a practical thing to watch professionals share their experience which cost them many hours. In this case, we get that information for free just by paying with a few minutes of our time.

In this video the key word is "organizing." You will see how you can do that in Adobe Premiere, but you can adopt these techniques in your software of choice. For me one of most helpful of the tips was to mark the selects on the timeline rather than organizing them in bins or in some other way. That gives you the big picture of all the footage in a chronological order. Any time you want to find something you might have missed you can find it easily on that timeline. We hope you will find golden video editing nuggets of your own as well.

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