Free Online Workshop: Photography Brand Makeover

One of the most difficult things about being a full time photographer is learning how to properly market yourself and your business. New York Times Best Seller authors Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck are masters at small business marketing and company branding. Today through October 5th, they are hosting a free to watch workshop called Photography Brand Makeover on creativeLIVE (watch it now here). If you want to learn how to stand out from your competition and increase your overall profits, this is a workshop you don't want to miss.

Sara and Erin are best known for their best selling book Worth Every Penny, and together they run a very successful website called The Joy of Marketing. Now Sara and Erin are teaming up with creativeLIVE where they will be sharing everything they know about marketing, pricing, packaging, promoting, and creating a local niche. Not only will their workshop cover how to build your business up from a branding standpoint but they will also teach photographers how they can increase profits and invest in the growth of their company.

Some of the topics covered over the course of this three day workshop are:

identity + branding
creative packaging
product mix makeover
pricing strategies + promotion
marketing + budgets
graphic design + logos
boutique selling
business planning + sales

As always, every creativeLIVE workshop is free to watch as it airs live. Anytime during the initial airing period, the cost to purchase a downloadable version of Photography Brand Makeover is $99 (Preorder at this price here). The normal price after the event is $149.

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