Free Workshop: How To Make Money Shooting Senior Portraits

If you've ever wondered how you can begin transitioning from part time photographer to completely supporting yourself in your business, then you have probably considered shooting senior portraits. Sal Cincotta is an excellent photographer, and he is an even better businessman. This weekend Sal is sharing his knowledge behind building a successful Senior Portrait business on creativeLIVE (July 6-8). As always, the live broadcast is free to stream as it happens live.

What I love about Sal's approach to business is he is very good at seeing outside the box. Some of his portraits are what most people would call "traditional" but many of them are pretty outrageous and unlike anything I've seen in the high school market. What Sal is really doing is creating images that express his clients' personalities in a way that all of their friends will talk about them and share them. Basically his clients become the advertising for his own business. It's pretty brilliant if you think about it especially since high school students influence each other so much.

In the course, Sal will cover topics including marketing plans, business plans, pricing, and packaging. He will also demonstrate fashion and commercial lighting on a real photoshoot so you can create images that appeal to your local graduating seniors.

If you know you can't watch this course this weekend but want to learn the tips Sal has to offer, you can buy the online workshop for $99 now up until the broadcast begins on Friday. Anytime afterwards, the workshop is $149. These business classes have become my favorite workshops on creativeLIVE because they always give great tips on how we can increase our own income and build up our marketing.

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Kenna Klosterman's picture

This weekend is going to be SUPER high energy with Sal on creativeLIVE! I saw Sal on his Seniors tour and the crowds went wild. Sal's shoot-to-sell approach and focus on the "experience" for his high school clients are brilliant. You can apply what you'll learn from Sal to any niche in photography. School is out which means summer and high school senior portraits are ON FIRE! Hope to see you in the chat rooms - I'll be passing along YOUR questions from around the world to Sal in our Seattle studio! ~kenna

I watched the promo video and I intend to participate but I do have a question: Doesn't this guy shoot any males? It's not my intent to be contrary in any way, but it does seem a little "creepy" that his reel looks like an MTV spot for a "Girl Group". Aren't the dudes at least half the class?

Patrick Hall's picture

I think it has more to do with girls having more interest in photoshoots to begin with. When shooting weddings, I've noticed that very few guys call asking about engagement shoots; it is always the girls. I bet it is no different with senior portraits.