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Free Online Wedding Workshop: 
Location, Posing, Execution

People often ask me "what is the most difficult part of shooting weddings?" One challenge I face at every wedding is having to pose the bride and groom in less than flattering sunlight or in a less than perfect location. Wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela is tackling this very issue during his creativeLIVE workshop. Robert's free-to-watch workshop will air September 6-8th and you can ask him anything live through webchat.

Roberto Valenzuela is a professional wedding photographer based out of Hawaii. Roberto has taught hundreds of photographers how to take better wedding images and has written a killer book, Picture Perfect Practice. If you didn't know, Hawaii is the number one destination spot in the United States for weddings (Charleston is #2). And while you might think it's impossible to take a bad scenic photograph in Hawaii, Robert can tell you first hand that not every session he does with a client is as breathtaking as you would expect. What distinguishes a great photograph from an acceptable one always comes down the photographer's execution. Whether it be posing, evaluating the location in front of you, using the best available light, or making your clients feel comfortable in front of your camera, a great wedding photographer will have to make many quick decisions that can either make or break an inspiring image.

Starting today Sept 6th - Saturday, August 8th, Roberto Valenzuela will teach everything he knows about location scouting, posing wedding couples, and successfully executing a great photograph. This creativeLIVE workshop is completely free to watch live and only costs $149 to download later ($99 to purchase during the initial airing).

Here is what will be covered in the course:

- Elements of location
- Shooting details
- Portrait lighting techniques
- Posing principles + variations
- Indoor/outdoor lighting
- Shooting for vendors
- Deliberate practice
- Branding + philosophies

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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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