Free Online Photography Workshop: Building A Baby And Teen Business

Everyone knows that having a returning client is great for your business. Family photographer Sandy Puc' has found a smart way to maintain returning clients by photographing toddlers all the way through their teenage years. In her free creativeLIVE workshop Bellies & Babies, Sandy teaches how you can gain family clients during a child's early years. On August 3rd, Sandy switches gears and focuses on The Business of Tots to Teens and how you can create a stable income as your returning clients grow.

Bellies and Babies
Last year, Sandy teamed up with creativeLIVE for Bellies and Babies which taught photographers how to build a successful maternity and baby business.

Today only, creativeLIVE is re-airing the entire Bellies and Babies for free. The next full rewatch begins at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern. In this workshop you can learn how to create interesting studio images of babies that will act as the starting point for your teenage photography business. Throughout the three day session, Sandy will teach you how to get the best expressions out of children, what photography tools you will need in your studio, and how to deal with some of the common hiccups that present themselves during baby sessions. Other topics include how to market towards mothers, use consultations for increased sales, and streamlined workflows that keep you shooting instead of editing.

The Business of Tots to Teens
On Friday August 3 - Sunday August 5, Sandy will switch gears with her new LIVE workshop Tots To Teens. In this new live workshop, Sandy will teach how you can secure returning clients by photographing toddlers as they grow into their early teenage years. Sandy will teach great marketing ideas that will attract returning clients as well as ways to keep your existing clients happy as you become their goto photographer throughout their children's lives.

As always, this creativeLIVE workshop is free to watch but if you preorder it now, you can download the entire video for $99 instead of $149. Enroll below to watch the entire workshop for free as it airs this weekend, starting tomorrow.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Finally, on Monday August 6th, Sandy and special guest Cheryl Haggard will host a free training session for their non profit foundation Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. NILMDTS provides bereavement photography for those families whose babies will not leave the hospital. This NILMDTS workshop will teach you how to work with grieving parents, how to interact with medical personnel, and easy non invasive lighting and posing techniques that will create lasting memories during a difficult time. You can enroll in the free workshop below and learn how you can become a NILMDTS photographer.
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