Helpful Tips for Selling Prints Online

Selling prints can be a fantastic way to create a bit of passive income from your photography, but with so many images and photographers out there, it can be difficult to get a bit of traction to start generating sales. This helpful video discusses a photographer's experience selling prints online and some of the things he has done to increase his sales. 

Coming to you from Justin Mott, this awesome video features some of the things he has learned through selling prints on his website, ranging from pricing to paper types and sizes and more. I recently put a store on my own site through Fine Art America, and I really love it so far. First, I prefer Fine Art America's hands-off approach, meaning I just set the profit margin I want above their base cost, and they take care of everything from printing and framing to shipping. There is no additional work on my end. Second, being able to drop the store right into my site has made things look a lot more professional. By far, the images that get the most interest are those of local landmarks. After all, there are millions of Grand Canyon photos out there. Of course, you may find you prefer a different solution. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Mott. 

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Really good, practical advice. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Hi Alex - I wrote a series of articles about how to boost your sales on Fine Art America on my blog. Might make a good article for Fstoppers? Here is the first: