Here's How to Build the Photography Business of Your Dreams

Being a great photographer doesn't guarantee success in the photography industry.  On one hand, some of the best photographers struggle to keep up a sustainable business, and on the other, some average (and even below average) photographers do well for themselves.

Why?  The financially successful photographers have figured out the business side of photography, mainly the branding, pricing, networking, marketing, and sales.

Our friend, Pye Jirsa at SLR Lounge, has released his latest course, called the "Complete Photography Business Training System."  Pye, being a former CPA and business school student, has combined his business and photography knowledge to build a multi-million dollar studio in California.  This course is the operating manual that they use for their internal team, so the knowledge is based on real-world success.

What's Included?

The Complete Training System comes with 4 courses, 30+ hours of education, templates and workbooks:

  1. The Photography Business Plan | Photography Business 101
  2. Photography Pricing And Product Design | Photography Business 201
  3. Marketing And SEO For Photographers | Photography Business 301
  4. How To Book Photography Clients | Photography Business 401

How to Purchase

Purchase the complete system in the SLR Lounge store here.

What Does It Teach?

Here are a few of the main concepts taught in the workshop:

Creating a Business Plan

  • Create a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis
  • Write a full business plan with guidance from the included template
  • Create a client persona (understand your target market) 
  • Protect your business with contracts and releases

Understanding Pricing for Maximum Profit

  • Use a pricing calculator to understand your pricing and margins
  • Understand your demand, costs, and pricing psychology
  • Design and price your product packages for maximum revenue
  • Craft the perfect product (i.e. perfect your entire client experience)

Marketing and SEO Mastery

  • Learn to create website content that drives search traffic
  • Rank in local (maps) search results
  • Learn easy ways to build links in the photo industry
  • Gain leads from Fnstagram and Facebook
  • Drive exposure and leads from Pinterest

Understand Sales Psychology and Closing

  • Build trust from the initial phone call
  • Learn universal sales techniques to help you close the sale
  • Practice sales calls and meetings
  • Learn Pye's system of understanding the client's needs  (the W.A.V.E.)

Templates, Workbooks, and More

In addition, this workshop comes with templates, bonus PDFs, and workbooks to help you apply each of the concepts directly to your business. After all, concepts and theories are useless without an actionable plan.  

Purchase the workshop here and get started.

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Deleted Account's picture

Every virtual box has a wedding or couple photo on it.
So, Not every type of photography business then.

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

Covers don't equal content. About 90 seconds into the video, he states that the course is for building a business in any genre of portraiture, including family, newborn, maternity, headshots, etc.

Watching the whole video, it's clear that none of this course is specific to wedding photography.

Deleted Account's picture

Ah, but my business isn't based on any of those topics either. Oh well.

This isn't content. This is a pitch to buy something. Why isn't this marked as "Sponsored"? Also the implication on a PHOTOGRAPHY blog that this person's course is the way to "build the business of your dreams" sounds Trumpian at best.