How to Market Your Photography Business With Peter Hurley

Last month, Fstoppers was commissioned by MOO to produce an ad for their printing service with Peter Hurley. Luckily, instead of a standard 30-second ad, MOO had a better idea. 

MOO commissioned us to create a tutorial with Hurley that they wanted to give away for free. As you know, we've already filmed three different tutorials with Hurley that we sell in the Fstoppers Store but this tutorial covers something different; for this video, MOO wanted Hurley to exclusively cover his marketing techniques. 

To film this we flew up to NYC and Hurley shot a real client whom he had never met before. Hurley wanted to stress how important it is to give your clients an experience they will never forget. Of course that includes incredible photographs, but the interaction with your client is just as important. 

Hurley works through an entire session so that you can see how he interacts with a new client as they walk in the door, and throughout the shoot. By putting his clients at ease, he is able to capture the best images possible and give them an unforgettable experience that they will want to tell their friends about. 

After each shoot, Hurley likes to give his clients a stack of his business cards that they can share with friends and family. At the end of the tutorial, Hurley walks through the process of uploading custom business card and sticker designs for MOO. 

I'd like to send out a big thank you for MOO for commissioning this video and being so interested in creating an ad that has value for photographers. If you've appreciated this video and this style of advertising please let MOO know in the comments below and if you are in need of some new business cards, definitely check out

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ron fya's picture

Like always, very good content from Mr Hurley even though it's more a video about (marketing through) directing than strictly marketing.

stir photos's picture

i'm pretty sure peter hurley is a genius. "schtick" haha....

Rex Larsen's picture

If your goal is marketing Moo business cards, he eventually gets to that.
Plus tips for flat lighting minus any shadows.
Special bonus, the ad is "free"

Kirk Darling's picture

Two things I particularly like about MOO: You can have as many different images in a card order as you want (with the same reverse).

And this: I put in an order with a framing error, totally my fault. I got the order, opened the box and saw it. Dang. I'd need to reorder.

But then later that same day, I got an actual telephone call from MOO. The young lady said that they had seen the mistake when they did a quality check, but missed stopping the shipping. They'd corrected it and had already sent out another order.

Michael Yearout's picture

MOO has the best customer service on earth. And they produce some really nice products. I recently ordered some of their square post cards. When I received them I noticed a typo in the copy. I didn't know if it was my fault or theirs. I gave them a call. The gentleman I talked with said in checking what I submitted, it was my fault. I thanked him and thought I'd just live with it, BUT he said hold on and let me get you a "code." He gave it to me and told me to correct the mistake and re-order the cards. I did and when I went to check out and entered the code my total cost (including shipping) was zero!