How Do You Price Destination Wedding Photography?

Learning how to price your wedding photography business can be tricky enough, but if you are asked to start taking on destination work, it approaches an entirely new level of complexity. If you are looking to add that to your services list but are unsure of how to go about pricing it, this helpful video will give you some good advice to set you on your way. 

Coming to you from Katelyn James, this great video discusses how to price destination wedding photography services. No doubt, traveling to a destination adds several layers of complexity to the issue of pricing, and while there are some obvious expenses (like your plane fare and hotel) that you will need to factor in, there are some sneakier ones as well. For example, a destination wedding likely requires you to be away from your home and office more than a normal ceremony would, and as such, you are losing out on time that might otherwise be spent working with other clients or on other parts of your business, and that needs to be compensated for as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from James. 

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