How to Write a Proper Wedding Photography Contract

No matter what genre you shoot, a good contract is essential to ensuring smooth client interactions and protecting you in case something goes wrong, but in wedding photography, it is a particularly important thing to take care of. This helpful video tutorial will walk you through an effective wedding photography contract to make sure you are on the up and up.

Coming to you from Eric Floberg, this great video tutorial will show you what you need to know about writing a proper wedding photography contract. Contracts can feel a bit awkward for new photographers, but not only do they help to protect you, they can actually create better client relationships. A good contract signals to a client that you take the business relationship seriously, and it helps to lay out the expectations of both parties beforehand, which in turn goes a long way to reduce the chances of a miscommunication and leads to better results. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Floberg. 

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