How's Your Branding? Check out Story Board to Help Create Your Story

Most of us know that branding plays a role in some of the most successful companies around the globe. Story Brand helps you understand your brand's story to such an extent that you too can market yourself just as well as a company like Apple.

Don Miller, the author of "Building a Story Brand," has created multiple courses to help brands get their message straight. After just recently finding Miller, he had me thinking a lot more about how story could change the way people see my brand. As a creative myself, I've fallen into traps where I overexplain things and get too technical. All of this stuff will just create a reason to confuse people as they eagerly continue their search or just use a source that seems more efficient.

Anybody can be the best in the world at whatever they'd like. However, if they can't clearly get their message to their audience, it can hold them back from achieving the work they desire. Miller goes into depth in a lot of other areas as well, breaking things down in a way that gets you thinking. If you are looking for any insight or help with your brand, this is certainly something to check out.

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T Van's picture

At $3000 a seat at his workshops, I think he's doing a wonderful job of self branding...
Keep it simple, don't be cute.
Always good advice.

Studio 403's picture

Wonderful, so clear and concise. Well done and make sense.

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

I started reading that book a few days ago. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s already improved (simplified) my website and yielded a better tag line.

It’s just like he says in the video...we can overthink things and get too clever for our own good and provide TMI, confusing our potential customers. I feel like I’ve been doing that. A confused mind doesn’t buy.

Ty Poland's picture

I'm glad to see a reader in here!! First chapter was enough to get you thinking and I haven't even finished the book yet. I think it nudged me to simplify things even more than I had thought I already did

Christian Argueta's picture

In the title for this article, should it read "Story Brand" NOT "Story Board?" Just checkin'

Ty Poland's picture

Story Board only because of the process. Story Brand is the company that made the template :)

Mike Dixon's picture

But your article doesn't mention "story board", "process", or "template" and neither does the video. I'm very confused.