The Importance of Fulfilling a Brief in Photography

When you're shooting for a client with specific needs, it's important that you're able to deliver what they require. This great video explores how a photographer planned, then adapted to get the shot.

Coming to you from Gary Gough, this video follows him as he prepares to shoot a nighttime image for a clients, only to be foiled by unexpected weather conditions that force him to improvise a bit. I think there are two important lessons here. First, Gough was highly prepared for the shot, but his preparation didn't lull him into a sense of apathy. He stayed aware of the environment around him and was able to recognize that a major hindrance that required his attention was settling in. Second, he was willing to improvise and didn't stick to a plan that was clearly no longer working, despite having invested a lot of time and effort in it. By remaining aware and staying flexible, he was still able to get a great shot that fulfilled the client's needs after conditions precluded him from getting his original composition. Check out the video above for his full process.

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Since no one else has: 7. briefs, Chiefly British, The instructions that are given to explain a task or assignment.