[Interview] SLR Lounge Sits Down With Superstar Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart is a photographer after my own heart. He started out in one of my favorite cities Nashville, TN, befriend a bunch of rockstars, shot their album covers, moved into celebrity portraiture, and continues to give back with projects like Help Portrait. Our good friend Pye Jirsa with SLR Lounge recently sat down with the nomadic photographer and picked his brain a little about creativity, post production, a new LifeFinder Tour, and a new iPhone App. If you get worn out listening to photographers talk about nuts and bolts, Jeremy likes to talk about thinking creatively and examining the big picture rather than just lighting. This video is long but well worth listening to as you blast through your next Lightroom session!

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Good interview. Watch it this morning at 3 when i couldn't sleep. Jeremy is a very inspiration photographer and humanitarian.

Can't watch it..."This video is private" 

Patrick Hall's picture

they are editing something out, should be online again tomorrow

KGB's picture

Why did you post a "private" video?

So what is his iPhone app?? 

Patrick Hall's picture

 apparently it's super secret

David Teran's picture

it's not that super secret. he talks about it all the freaking time on Facebook/Twitter... unfortunately so far he's only just dropped the idea, no details.