Make More Money Without Much Work by Using ProImageEditors Restoration Service

Make More Money Without Much Work by Using ProImageEditors Restoration Service

When you own a photography company, there are multiple ways to make money. Unfortunately, most things that make money require quite a bit of work. Thankfully, this is one of the ways you can make money without doing too much work.

In the past few years, outsourcing has become more common in the photography industry. We previously reviewed ProImageEditors as a company and have given some pros and cons of outsourcing the editing portion of wedding photography. A short recap: ProImageEditors (PIE) has been a post-production service provider since 2005. Their production office is based in Mumbai, India with a company strength of over 700 employees. PIE works with professional photographers and videographers across the globe, helping them to save time and money in an effort to help photographers grow their business.

The concept is simple: PIE provides image and video editing services through customized workflows based on their customers’ post-production needs. This provides PIE’s clients with more time to focus on other aspects of their business such as customer acquisition, planning, and shooting great pictures or just more time for them with their family.

ProImageEditors specializes in various areas of photography and is always looking for new services to offer their clients. One of these services is the restoration service.

What this means for you as a business owner is that you can now offer photo restoration services to your clients without the need to perform the actual Photoshop work. Instead, clients bring you an image or set of images to restore, you scan them, send them to PIE, and then you simply deliver the final product when complete.

Restorations are possible in black and white as well as color images. ProImageEditors can remove severe scratches, bends, and stains that are common on older printed images. Additionally, color correction for black and white images as well as sepia photos is possible. Another service that is sure to impress clients is PIE’s colorization service of black and white photos. This allows you to breathe new life into your clients' images in a way that just wasn't possible when they were taken. Even images that have missing parts of the photo can be restored as long as there is enough detail to work with or if you have additional images that can be used as a reference.

On the business side, you can offer this service as a scalable package with different amounts of images or varying amounts of restoration. You can even add some value to this service by offering prints or albums using the newly restored photos.

So, how do the numbers work for this service? On average you pay 4-6 $/€ per image for PIE’s digital restoration services. This pricing model leaves enough room for your own margin. Below, you can find an example of what a package may look like for you in terms of what you’ll make versus what you’ll spend on the restoration service:

  • 10 images scanned and restored
  • Price for your customer: 200 $/€
  • Your costs for outsourcing: 40 $/€ (4 $/€ estimated per image)
  • This leaves you 160 $/€ for scanning the images and taking care of the customer

The great thing here is that the more tedious part of performing the restoration is being done by PIE. So, you can spend those extra 3-5 hours on other aspects of your business.

This is obviously just one simple idea. You can also offer a handful of different packages with a variety of deliverable products. You could offer prints of the restored image and charge extra for the digital file (similar to a lot of portrait photography packages). You can also offer bulk services where you restore an entire photo album and the product is a new modern album with the restored images.

Another great thing about this service is that there are no age limitations for your ideal client. People of all ages have worn-out prints of people they care about and would love to have these images restored. With the Christmas season approaching, this also serves as a great time to jumpstart a new business model with a special holiday offer.

Because this service is ideal for anyone that has old prints they value, it’s likely that you yourself have some prints that you would like to have restored. This is where the free trial comes in handy. Not only do you get to have your own images restored for free, but you also get to see firsthand what the process looks like and view the quality of the end result. This also gives you some before and after images to use as examples when starting up your new offering.

Don’t let old and precious memories fade away with time. Restore those dusty, worn, and torn images to new.

Last but not least: Try it out yourself by using their free restoration service offer exclusively for Fstoppers readers!

Go to and get five restorations for free by signing up for a free account. No strings attached! This offer is also valid for existing PIE customers.

The offer is valid until the 1st of January 2019 at 23:59 CET. The trial is only useable once per person or account and cannot be transferred or combined.

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Are you informing your customers that the actual work is being outsourced or do you keep that to yourself?

Outsourcing, a great way to end your career...

A studio I freelance in had an Indian outfit come in and offer one stop service. They set up a portable studio (even though there are five studios in-house) shot some samples, shipped them to India, and promised them done in the morning. They offered to do an entire catalog for free as an example of what they can do. If this company likes what they see from this Indian group, that's pretty much the end of every photographer, designer, and retoucher in this operation. And we're talking about ONE studio in NYC. You know these guys have probably been showing up at all the studios in NYC, and that's just ONE city.

I appreciate the entertainment value of your comment...