Motivation: Take Risks NOW

Brandt Botes is an award winning graphic designer based out of CapeTown, South Africa. Just like photographers and other creative professionals, graphic designers struggle with creative and economic challenges when they venture out on their own and start a new business. Brandt recently started his boutique design shop Studio Botes and decided to take some advice from other creative entrepreneurs who have also dealt with going solo professionally. Many of the little sayings in this video are really clever but most of them are absolutely true. What points stick out the most for those of you who have had success with your own business? I think 5:00 is my personal motto :)

Going Solo. from Studio Botes on Vimeo.

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That was a beautiful video! It had some great tips and it was very creative as well.


One of the best video's I've ever seen! I think I do most of these! at least the make less money than you spend :P

Great video. I just took a giant risk myself and left my hometown of Winnipeg and am in Toronto to looking for an opportunity. Great timing for this video for me, heh.

@Jon Villa, Apparently I can't spell. To look for an opportunity is what I meant to say.

The text was too quick for me to read and I had to spend a lot of time pausing the video to comprehend what was being said. The music was also getting distracting after a while as it was very repetitive and caused the emotions to raise up and distract from the message.

Thanks for sharing these ideas and tips with us in the video and helping others achieve what they desire.

P.S. These new comment section on FS is poor, as now one cannot look at comments and watch the video on the front page.

I agree. The comments take time to load and I like to be able to stay on the home page, watch the vid and comment, all at the same time. Something to consider guys.
My favorite: "DON'T BE A DICK"'s so true.

Love the vid... reminded me off this vid: