New Photography-Related Domain Names Are Now Available For The General Public

After many years of having the same generic domain extensions such as .com and .net, earlier this month brand new domain extensions were introduced to the public. There are many different new domains, but photographers and creatives will be most interested in the following: .photography, .gallery, .graphics, .camera, .lighting and .equipment. This video will explain everything you need to know about the new domains.

The price of the new domains started at $12,500 on the first day, and $3,200 on the second day - and during those days the big companies made sure to get their desired domains. Now the price dropped to a much better price, and can be purchased for $24.99/year on GoDaddy. Granted, many of the cool names are already taken by the big companies (Yes, I tried to get "" and "" with no luck), but you can still probably get your own business name registered with the new extensions.

There are many other new domain extensions available today, and hundreds more are expected to be added soon. To see the full list of existing domains and expected domains click here.

So, are you going to get a new domain name for your business, or are you going to stay with your .com domain?

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LOL, somebody better pick up it's available!

Ett Venter's picture

Anyone actually considering buying one of these? I mean,I already own *myname*.com. Can't really see a need for "*myname*.photography.

This tells exactly what biz you are in. :)

Robert Hall's picture

not to mention "myname".com has no photography search relevance.

Noam Galai's picture

I still think *myname*.com is stronger/better than *myname*.photography. Wont hurt to get both, because you never know how these things will do in the long run, but I think for now .com is still the best option.
Of course - if you get "" - that's perfect ;)

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It's hard to say as the domain name is a small part of relevance when connecting the SEO dots. There is no clear word yet on how these will be viewed by the big search engines. The best thing about this was the opportunity for people to get their hands on domain names that have otherwise been locked up forever. I'll be able to comment on the search relevance soon as I secured and (i'm in the Detroit market) the day they were released for 25 bucks...we will see how they fair vs. my "" lol.

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The only one I bought was because I've always thought key works in your domain name are really important. My current site is but that only has one good keyword if people do not know to look for Patrick Hall. I'm debating on what to do now, I don't think it's smart to move my established wedding site to the new .photography domain but I might make a strong SEO only site on the new domain that hosts all sorts of articles about wedding photography, venues, attractions, etc and then just refer all the traffic to my site as a photographer.

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Thats a great strategy Patrick. Im thinking about pursuing sokething different entirely with my domain. As for, I want to do a similar strategy...and just build it up with pure wedding relevance and constant backlinks to my home site. I think it would be silly to give up my previous site as well....after backlinking it for years now across the web. I cant imagine trying to go back through social networks / websites to change my beneficial links.

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don't forget to buy "" don't want to be misrepresented!

No .photo?

Noam Galai's picture

.photo will be available in the near future.
.photos is available today for pre-registration.

It opens on 2/26

Anyone know what the discount code is? is down.. I'm getting an "
Error establishing a database connection" error

Dumb, people want short names to type. Dot com this, dot net that and dont forget dot tv. We need a better way to resolve web addresses. I can come up with 2 essier better ways but do we even need them, soon the web will be fully media networked, channels, stations and small mom n pops. This is overkill only adding to the mess.

Robert Hall's picture

I don't remember the last time I typed a website into my browser. Anything I find is generally link based (half the time in the form of a condensed link or hyperlinked text) and if I frequent something its bookmarked. Especially when acquiring new business via organic searches. Do you really feel that length of domain is going to be a dealbreaker. Client : "I really wanted to check out that photographer but he expected me to type 27 characters to get to his website, no way"

I have 20 yrs expierence in the I.t. field and the business side of it, yes cutomers will go with whats easiest, that is the general public, others like yourself who are savy enough might spend time but are we hiring eachother? Client : I want to check out that site but was it . Com .net . Tv or a new one, oh forget it lets see what comes up in search. Good business practice is to keep your name easy and remembered. And since all the big ones are gone there is not much room for creativity. I belive a better system needs to be put in place, where we start with the prefix of the Subject matter, like a Library or the proper way to write the date in short, yr, Month, day. Thanks for reading and replying and I understand where you are coming from but more is not always better.

Found "CJCRMN35" to get about half off a domain

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Smells like a way to sell more domain names, nothing more.

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I imagine the people posting negative comments are those whose names are uncommon enough to have their .com free.

The person who owns has the exact same initials as me, and the person who owns is...a photographer.

So I've had to buy Yeah, it might not seem like a big deal, but I've never gone by "Dave" and I never want to go by "Dave." When I meet with people about photos and they don't know me personally the first words out of their mouth are "Hi Dave."

I'm happy for the new extensions.

so why not use / net / biz / info etc? All of these are available still.

Noam Galai's picture

I guess my biggest issue with the new extensions is that they are full words. If it was .pho or .cam i would like them much more. When it's .photography, it will look more like a mistake when used in articles, text, emails and other forms of writing. It will just look like you forgot to add space in between 2 sentences.

Just don't buy from This article makes it seem like you have to buy from them. They will hijack your domain when it comes time for renewal and shake you down for crazy money.

I just got a .photography one through hover I won't be switching to it anytime soon, but I've got it!

For the price, these new domains are no-brainers.
Too bad the complainers have to complain about everything.

I jumped on this right away after seeing this last night. my website is so i really made sense. now I also have BAM!

looks like "" wasn't recognized by Disqus as a link though :/

This really only helps the likes of GoDaddy to sell more domains. Unless the public adopt this and understand it, they are likely to think the extension is missing and add .com to the end.
It was a simple idea that should have been done from day one.
Now with domains in short supply and needing to boost revenue they do this :/

I can also see confusion with the likes of - and some bright spark buys - not helping either, well perhaps the latter by using the name to be ranked