That Nikon Guy Finally Sells All of His Nikon Gear

Now, more than ever, there are a ton of reasons to switch to a different camera ecosystem. whether you're making the switch from one brand to another or just switching to a mirrorless system. If you've been doing photography as a hobby for a long time or make a living with it, you've probably built up a collection of bodies, lenses, and even some flashes all within the same system. Sure, you can get adapters from Canon to Sony or EF to RF, but that's probably just going to save you a few bucks. 

At some point, we all fall victim to change. Maybe you're getting older and the promise of a lighter mirrorless body fits your needs. Maybe you're just envious of your friend's new gear and you're looking at yours thinking it might just be time for a change. Or maybe like a lot of photographers, you realize mirrorless is here to stay and it's time to get in while your old gear still has some value. 

I never left DSLR, as it worked for me. I invested a lot, and it suited my traveling lifestyle. Now, with times changing, mirrorless options becoming more rounded, and my DSLR gear gathering dust, it’s the right time to sell.

— Matt Granger

Whatever the reason, there are more options and competition now than there has been in a long time. Switching to a new system is not easy, though, even if it's within the same brand, like EF to RF. It's going to be expensive, and like a lot of photographers, you probably built that gear up over time. Well, Matt Granger finally reached that point and has decided to get rid of all his Nikon gear and make the switch. In his latest video, he talks about how he managed to sell all his gear at once and what the process looked like. Granger reached out to KEH Camera and got a free quote all via video call. It actually sounds like a pretty good way to approach making the switch, at least if time is a concern and you're ready to commit. 

I've been asked by a few fellow photographers in the past how to handle selling off their gear, and I think this seems like a pretty good solution. Since it is a free quote, I already suggested it to a friend looking to make the upgrade to mirrorless. 

Have you sold all your gear to switch systems? How did you handle it?

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stupid guy does something stupid on youtube. Wow!

Jason grow up. When a photographer spends 9 years making videos about anything and everything photography related and then decides to change from DSLR based on their experience and expertise, why is that stupid? Their video explains their passion and generally why they are doing it. My question is, why do feel the need to put your character on the line for something you can't relate too?

I think it's about time Fstoppers invest in some moderators.

I think that all this gear switching hype is stupid and mostly click-bait. It has little to do with photographic results. So, I think it's stupid and probably has more to do with various gear manufacturers trying to sell more stuff. Just consider me frustrated with all the stupid gear-switching click-bait posts in place of actual news of content.

My question is rather: why should we care about this guy making a hissy fit about his gear and his needs to broadcast it online, no? This is not constructive, and purely and simply click-bait.

You viewed that video as a 'hissy fit'?

He literally says in the video that he's been looking to shift his business and because of everything going on he has leaned on that even more. Says he's been doing more video work for two do different websites and really needs cameras that do better at live tracking. But you probably didn't watch the video. None of it was him having a hissy fit.

Why do you care how he spends HIS MONEY? If I had the budget, I'd sell most of my stuff and move into the R system.

I don't care how he spends his money. I am just tired of the daily-click bait on this and similar subjects.

I want to see the article that says, I sold all of my modern DSLR gear and bought equivalent modern mirrorless gear and spent an extra few thousands of dollars or equivalent currency units in the process and it made a dramatic change in the quality of my photographs that was worth an extra few thousands of dollars. Other than this it is just click-bait and hype.

There are a lot of reasons to sell your gear and switch systems and none of them have anything to do with the quality of your work. All professionals will switch systems at least once in their career and it's not because they want to get better end results. Photography is an ever-developing tech-based industry and as a result, the tech and needs of the photographers change. Of course changing will be at a financial loss but that is part of running a business.
I shared this video because it informs people of a decent way to sell off an entire system easily if that is something you are looking to do.

That's why the title was "That Nikon Guy Finally Sells All of His Nikon Gear", not just to get cheap clicks?

Did Ansel switch?

If he had lived long enough to see the digital transition he might have. Also, he used 35mm, medium, and large format throughout his career so at some point he did switch and invest in a different system.
Clearly I'm talking about living professionals.

Oh, please. Your sissy fit has nothing to do with "click-bait". You shoot Nikon and it just bothers you.

Precisely, I bet the majority of those complaining or belittling this are Nikon owners.

I could not agree more. I wonder if Mr. Granger is aware how much damage can he cause to the hard working people at Nikon, and to the millions of Nikon users, vested into the gear and using it for decades.
Such video does not contribute anything to photographers, their skills, does not help to improve the art. I unsubscribed from his channel over a year ago. The other guy on YouTube, The Fro, did something similar. He also theatrically presented a mass selloff of all his Nikon lenses. Just sell or purchase what you like, keep it to yourself. I watch rather Ricci Talk, Steve Perry and J. Christina these days.

I have seen that you downvoted my comment. I would like to know why.😅

I am a Nikon user myself but I understood why he sells it. And making videos is part of his job (if not most of it). If you unsubscribed him why do you still watch his videos then? Let alone comment on it. I doubt that this video is the critical mass that makes Nikon go under.

I don't like these equipment-switching videos either because one camera manufacturer will always be better at a certain point in time. I switched from Fuji to Nikon recently. But I had a lot of reasons for that. But if you only do it for having the most up-to-date equipment you are not making money with photography. (I do not mean you with "you" - I am generalizing).

But he is looking into the future and is shedding equipment that gathers dust and can be of service to somebody else. For me that is totally legitimate reason. Why not make a video about it? I see no harm in that. 🤷‍♂️

Sorry if I misunderstood something. The fact is, I am angry with Matt Granger. This is not a proper conduct. He can change gear if his business changes, obvious, but I would have done it without backstabbing and damaging the company with which I worked for decades.

The theatrics of "that Nikon guy dumps all Nikon", wrapping a pile of Nikkors in plastic, is not a proper conduct by my standard. Its like for example saying: I will never use Safeway food, there, watch me: I am dumping every piece from my pantry and fridge originating from Safeway. All goes to a food bank. I will never wear anything from Whatever Clothier Inc, here is me packing every shirt, tie and suit, all goes to Goodwill. This is a manifestation of anger and rejection, damaging the company in question.

Here, countless millions still have Nikon, love Nikon. And maybe, just maybe countless people do not wish to damage Nikon, or any other photography company in these trying times. They work hard on new products, on the transition. They provided us for decades with tools giving us joy and fulfillment.

Although I understand where you are coming from I think we have to agree to disagree.

Yes, Nikon probably is not at the height of their game and since I am invested in them to a certain degree and my business partner, too, I am the last person to want to see them go under. We came from Canon and Fuji and we never had better images than with our Nikon D850 and 2x Z7 cameras and multiple lenses. So I definitely root for Nikon here. ;)

But nevertheless I found no harm in this video as he dropped the "Nikon guy" branding years ago and said - several times in the video - that he might be open for the Z system in its next iteration.
So I did not get the vibe that he "dumps" Nikon at all. He made a rational business decision tailored to his needs. And since it is part of his business to make videos - he made a video about it and got a sponsor for it. A sponsor which helps to bring his Nikon gear to other photographers that then will be invested in Nikon. ;)

But I don't want to make this thing bigger as it is. Meanwhile the world - apart from some 20 people here - has forgotten about this video and everybody went on with their lives in the greater scheme of things. It is water under the bridge.

Everybody go out and take photos. With whatever gear you love most. Namasté!

To sum up; waiting for professional video Z Nikon camera after buying Sony A7R4. What SONY lenses used on his SONY A7R4 not revealed. Maybe he needs to raise cash by dumping most of his Nikon collection to balance the books? Keeping a couple of Nikon lenses confuses the issue. The naked lady on the bed to grab our attention? Also new Z Nikkor lenses will hit the resale value of old FX lenses? How much will he get for his Nikon box of tricks? 8000 USD as my guess; after postage. .

It is unlikely that I would switch systems these days, no need to and don't want to A waste the money and B the time.

If I did I would not bother making a video about it but then YouTuber's must YouTube so each to own.

Same here. Changing from Canon to say, Sony, just to get my hands on the A7S3 (which is no doubt a fantastic device) would cost me thousands of euros/dollars. I don't have that money to burn. I don't have time to learn a new system. And more importantly, I don't believe there's anything that the Sony would let me do that I can't already do now... Even though I don't even own a mirrorless camera.

He makes YouTube videos about a bunch of different stuff, he does reviews and teaches techniques and I found him VERY helpful when I started learning photography a few years ago. He has a big channel, with a lot of subscribers. So it would be more weird if he sold all his Nikon gear (considering he used to be called "That Nikon Guy") and DIDN'T make a video about it.

When I sold all of my Canon gear and switched to Sony I did it through a mix of Facebook Marketplace and eBay sales, as I was trying to avoid selling fees as much as I could, but I also wasn't selling nearly as much gear as Matt Granger was!

I've never sold through KEH, but as a buyer (I bought my entire Sony kit from them) their customer service was awesome. Can't recommend KEH enough for trustworthy used gear.

Is this an ad for KEH?

Nah, it’s a comment on a photography website, quite clear to see really.

Dude, grow the hell up. Recommendation <> Ad. Surely, you are aware of this. Yes?

KEH ad?

I guess, he is fishing for a new sponsor. How come he has sold everything and not bought anything new? If he is a professional photographer - what does he do in the meantime? Rent?

Matt is not a Nikon Ambassador. He ditched Sony a few year back like 2016. I think he shoots almost any kit and I think he knows enough to keep his schedule.

Another paid shill

I sold all my Nikon gear (D800, zoom lenses primes, and more) when the Sony A7RIII was launched. I was fed up by the weight. I had tried Olympus and was impressed by the functionality of mirrorless and the user friendliness. But FF has big advantages over M43. Now I only shoot with primes, no more zooms. That makes a big difference in bulk and weight. The KEH thing was easy. But I expect one does get less for the old gear now than two years ago. In general, all mechanical parts are replaced by silicon when it is possible. It is cheaper and more reliable. A cellphone with keys is almost gone. In the advanced cars, the dashboard is filled with LCD-touchscreens now. So I expect the mirror, a technical marvel, and the mechanical shutter will disappear eventually for the greater part. And Nikon, Pentax, Olympus have to invest heavily in electronic imaging devices. Why do customers expect that camera manufacturers can continue to develop mechanical technology in a shrinking market with little investment dollars available?

I watched the video. Essentially it is a little bit of an ad for KEH. Which is fine with me.
And - he elaborates for too long - that he basically sells all his DSLR equipment. Which makes sense to me.

And he is waiting for an alternative. Maybe the new Z cameras - which he refers to a few times.
So although it is technically correct that he sells all his Nikon gear he may buy Nikon again. Or not. Depends on what is coming in the next few months.
So the title is a little misleading and you could call it clickbaity but he knows that and wraps it in some humor - which you can find funny or not.

He is recording this on his Canon R5s from which I understood he has 2. And maybe he still has a Sony. I guess he is not without cameras during that time.

And since he is not just a photographer (anymore?) but more of a Youtuber it makes sense that he switches to mirorrless cameras that gives him more control over AF that can track him when he is cameraman and host at the same time.

So. Although I think this whole camera-switching-thing is overblown on those youtube channels - after watching this video - it made sense to me what he does.

I've enjoyed Matt for quite some time. Bought one of his 'Get Your Gear Out' t-shirts. He's one of the few reviewers that I trust. He isn't sponsored by any camera company. He has sponsors for his Youtube channel, so what? At the moment, it's KEH. KEH does a great job. Matter of fact, KEH makes one or two trips to Winnipeg and does a local gear purchase event at one of the local camera shops. Good outfit!

Don't like Matt? By all means, do not click on anything he does. That way, your knickers won't get all twisted into a bunch.

Canon DSLR -> Sony A7II -> Fuji
I don't think I'll change anymore

What no Nikon? :D

Pentax -> Nikon -> Pentax in the film era ;)

Ansel Adams just sold his gear.

I sold my Canon FD equipment before I bought in to Nikon F. I still shoot my D750 and I still shoot my F5. If I were to get a new system now, it'd be 6x6 medium format.

Me? Moved from Nikon DSLR to Nikon mirrorless, happy & good with it.

My God....what comments. I'm just going to say this.....yo, why the hell didn't you tell me you were going to sell your gear? Would love to have seen what you have that I would like. Oh, wait, I have far too much stuff myself. My wife would beat me, again, if I got any more. Come to think of it....I need to downsize too. But I won't post an article about it. Now you know.

My EF SLR lenses would work a treat adapted to RF so using that adapter would save more than a few bucks.

Please just call this an ad for KEH.

So the bottom line of this post - The Nikon Guy got ripped off by KEH. He could get about twice as much by selling on eBay.

Who cares!

I shot Olympus since the E300 came out, and last year I added a A7II with a 85mm Viltrox because I wanted to try. Now I switched completely to Sony, added a 35/1.4, 50/1.8 and 28-75mm to my kit and sold most of my Olympus gear, however I kept the E-M1 and three Pro Zooms.

And yet nobody points out to the utter irony that this 'click bait' video is by far the most clicked and commented on topic in weeks.

Hahaha. You're the second one. The second one I guessed, without taking a peek at your profile, shoots Nikon.

Oh that was not my intention. I do shoot with Nikon (an old full frame dslr mind you). But, that is my own business.

What I intended to point out was that regardless of what brand the creator dropped. The majority of responses his video garnered on multiple photography websites were geared towards the audacity of him creating a 'click bait' video.

The irony is, that he managed to succeed in just that.

Not long ago I commented halfway in jest that this double-whammy of trends -- mirrorless on the rise, Nikon (or at least Nikon DSLR) on the wane -- might result in a softer market in which a hobbyist like me could afford more good used lenses.

People here are more knowledgeable and active than I am, so let me ask earnestly this time: Is that likely to occur? Do folks here think I'm headed for a nice stretch where I'll be able to indulge my wish list, or am I headed for another platform obsolescence that sees my D7000 collecting dust next to the old Minolta X-700? Appreciate thoughts.

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