Open Season on Photographer Jobs

Open Season on Photographer Jobs

Photographers get your resumes and portfolios updated. A recent search lead to some interesting opportunities for the right people with varying degrees of experience.

Many photographers never get the opportunity to photograph for large companies or institutions that are seen by the masses. It’s not that they don’t have the skills, but many never see these job postings, and even if they do, the competition to even get an interview is stiff. I routinely get mail from different job sites, and usually don’t even bother opening the email before sending it directly to the trash. This week I decided to take a peak and to my astonishment there was not one but two photographer jobs listed. This lead me down the rabbit hole of seeing what other photographer jobs might currently be offered. In the past we have showcased coveted photographer jobs such as when The Department of Interior needed a new photographer to pick up where Ansel Adams left off. Here are a few open positions for both seasoned photographers and college students looking for new opportunities. 

If anyone in the Fstoppers community does in fact land one of these positions, reach out and let us know! Good Luck!

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Dave Landfield's picture

"For" photographers, not "on".

Joe Healey's picture

"Indeed" actually had quite a few postings for photographers of all types in my area. Thanks for the tip.

Chris Wunz's picture

REI would be a good gig!!!

Jeremy Hardee's picture

I strongly agree with you point of view. I think there are many people who for the whole life just wait for the opportunity to express their skills and they can improve with to manage their college work. Please do inform us about more job opportunities because I am looking forward to work on a large scale.