Why You Should Be Looking for a New Job Even If You're Happy

Why You Should Be Looking for a New Job Even If You're Happy

It doesn't matter if you work for an employer or run your own business, having one eye constantly on the jobs market will change your perception of the industry and help your career going forward. Your future self will thank you for this.

This rather bold statement has nothing to do with a recession or any economic turmoil there may be out there as this advice is just as relevant 20 years ago as it will be in 10 years time. Keeping an eye on what photography jobs are available is a great way to understand the climate of the market and help you make better decisions about what your next step should be. I strongly believe by doing this you will help yourself out both professionally and psychologically. So without further ado, here are the benefits of why you should always be looking for a new job.

You Will Stack the Numbers in Your Favor

Life really is a numbers game and you dramatically improve your chances of finding a dream job if you are constantly looking. Just think how many adverts you will be exposed to if you look 365 days a year as opposed to starting your job search the week before you tell your current boss to stick it. The longer you look the more chance you will find what you want.

It Will Make You Happier  

Even if you are content in your current situation, having thorough knowledge of what is out there will only help confirm that where you currently are is the best place to be right now. It removes all doubt that you may be missing out on something as you can see what is happening in the jobs market first hand.

It Could Make You Richer

After looking at job adverts for a while you will begin to get a feel for what the going rate for similar positions are. This is a huge advantage in your current job as it's great ammunition when asking for a raise. It also stops you wasting time on jobs which are criminally low in salary. This can be hard to judge when you have only been looking for a few weeks and don't have much to compare it to.
If you have your own business, knowing which companies need help could be a great starting point for some freelance work. You know first hand that they need a photographer and the hiring process can be a long one. A quick phone call could temporarily solve their staff problem and may turn into an occasional client.

Psychologically You'll Be Stronger

Always knowing what jobs are out there really does give you an edge psychologically. You'll be comforted by the fact you are taking control of your own destiny and preparing yourself in the best possible way if you decide to leave your current place, or worse yet, the company goes under. As I mentioned in my last article about how a non-photographic job could benefit your career, applying for new roles while currently employed gives you so much confidence entering an interview as you still have the security of your old job if you are not successful. Having that fact in your head really does remove the pressure of getting the position. You could even push your luck and ask for more money.

Knowing the Market Will Help You Decide What the Next Step in Your Career Is

If you keep one eye on what jobs are being posted regularly you will also start to see positions which you might not currently be qualified for, but may be interested in. Reading what is required in these posts will help you plug holes in your skill set and focus on the future efficiently rather than blindly trying to improve.

It Will Help You Spot Changes and Patterns in the Industry

Not knowing the climate of the industry really is a dangerous thing. A good place to see how healthy a sector is performing is by looking at what jobs are out there over a long period of time. You may start to see a reduction in a particular job role or you may start to see a certain skill becoming more frequently requested. Just think of how many companies want photographers to come with video or drone flying abilities these days.

Looking for new employment when you are more than content in your current situation may feel very counterintuitive, but the small amount of effort it takes to search could really have big implications on your career. In this digital age, you have no excuse not to make it part of your daily habit between your social media fixes. Install your favorite job app on your phone and click on it once a day, you maybe be surprised at what you find.

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As a photographer or any other industry person I connect with this article. I've always told my employers that my daily routine for the past 17 years is, get coffee and look at jobs, then start my day's work. It was never for the sake of leaving of position but to stay current in what is being asked of my chosen field.

Nice to see people with a similar mindset.

That really is great to hear Randy! I'm sure 17 years ago it was a little harder to do, but now it can literally be sent to your inbox!

It was harder, but not impossible - the job boards may have changed over time, but the theory and process has stayed the same.

Well I applaud your forward thinking Randy, many still need to learn this concept today...

It's too easy to be complacent. I told old employers you don't have to worry about the bad employees - you know they're bad. You have to worry about the ones who are complacent and just putting in the days - they've given up in a sense and only do the minimum.

I use the process for motivation and growth and I keep pushing - when I start to become one of them, I move on.

Cheers Paul!

i like that one : It Will Help You Spot Changes and Patterns in the Industry for the rest i think its relative to where you live etc...

Thanks Charles! It's so easy to keep an eye on things these days...