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A Tale of Groceries: Featuring an Fstoppers Community Member

Inspiration strikes at random times, you may witness a beautiful fall scene with brightly colored leaves falling into a creek, or stumble across a wonderful painting that gets your creative juices flowing and sparks your imagination. Or like in the case of "Grossceries," you watch a documentary on food, and start to think about where food comes from.

Fstoppers Reviews Skylum's Aurora HDR 2019

Winning awards such as Apple’s Best Mac App and Digital Photo Editors’ Choice, Skylum software is set to unveil the next iteration of their AI-powered photo editing software in October. High dynamic range (HDR) image editing can often get the best of both newcomers and veterans alike, but Skylum aims to change that with their latest release.

What Does Nikon’s Entry into Mirrorless Mean for the Industry?

While there have been countless videos released reviewing Nikon’s latest release of the Z6 and Z7, there hasn’t been much of a discussion around what this means for the industry as a whole. Ultimately, is the release of the new bodies enough to keep Nikon’s base from defecting to other systems, or is there now a discussion among Nikon strategists on how to capture market share back from other manufacturers, mainly Sony?

Photographing for Advertising Campaigns: An Interview With Clay Cook

Fashion and Editorial Photographer Clay Cook recently partnered with Stash, a mobile investment app, to photograph Instagram personality Baddie Winkle for a retirement themed campaign. I had the opportunity to pull up with Cook to discuss the shoot as well as learn more about how he approaches his business and brand.

Fstoppers Reviews the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp

Often, desk equipment gets overlooked as we yearn over new camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories begging for our attention. Recently, my trusty desk lamp died, giving me the opportunity to rethink how I light my desk, and in the process, I was able to reclaim precious desk space.

Black and White Portrait Conversion With Photoshop

As with most processes in Photoshop, there’s more than one way to achieve a desired look. Black and white image conversions are no exception. Whether you add a black and white layer, utilize a plugin like Silver Efex Pro 2, or dare I even suggest resort to merely desaturating the image, the possibilities are abundant.

Tips for Editing Fireworks With Luminar 2018

HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs demonstrates how he makes fireworks pop in his latest video using Skylum Software’s Luminar 2018. Skylum Software continues to gain traction with photographers as they look for alternatives to the Adobe ecosystem.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Photography Workshops

There isn’t much worse than doling out a substantial amount of money and ending up on a less than stellar workshop. I’ve been there, done that, so here are a few thoughts on how to have a great photography workshop experience.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm GF 250mm and GF1.4x Teleconverter

After years of Fujifilm lens reviews, the term “broken record” now comes to mind when describing the quality and craftsmanship in the glass they produce. The GF 250mm F/4 R LM OIS lens paired with the new GF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter are no exception and are welcomed additions to the Fuji GFX lineup.

Making the Sun Pop With Luminar 2018

Famed photographer Trey Ratcliff over at Stuck in Customs shows how to jazz up your sun in one of his latest video’s using Skylum Software’s Luminar 2018. Skylum Software has gained quite a following as it works to dethrone Adobe as the go-to raw photo editor.

The Royal Wedding Photos Critiqued

Jared Polin, better known as “The Fro,” recently released a video where he reviews a few of the royal wedding photos taken by famed Photographer Alexi Lubomirski. As this was not just a wedding, but a royal wedding watched by millions around the world, the pressure to execute flawless images I can only image was tremendous for Lumbomirski.

Fuji's Failed Firmware

Fujifilm is known for releasing firmware updates based on popular feedback from their customers. Typically this firmware may have small bugs, but their most recent major release version 4.0 failed miserably.

The Fro Interviews Famed Sports Photographer Neil Leifer

Photographers who have been in the industry measured not in years but decades always have wonderful insight and experience to pass on, and famed sports photographer Neil Leifer is no different. Jared Polin sits down with Leifer learning the stories around some of the most iconic sports photographs from the last 40 years.

The Fro Knows Paris

Recently Jared Polin, better known as “The Fro” visited The City of Lights to add to his portfolio more time-lapse and slow-motion work. Polin takes his viewers along as he journeys through Paris, offering tips along the way.

Fstoppers Review the Infinite Color Panel

There is no shortage of Photoshop actions around the internet these days. Color grading images to having a unique look can be accomplished with infinite possibilities, however, Pratik Naik recently announced the Infinite Color Panel that rethinks the creative process.

Aging Retail Giant Walmart Getting a Virtual Face Lift

The world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart has announced it will be unveiling a new website for consumers in the coming weeks. With the masses using the internet more and more for purchasing, Walmart has decided it’s time to step up its online presence to compete with other retailers such as Amazon and Target.