A Tale of Groceries: Featuring an Fstoppers Community Member

A Tale of Groceries: Featuring an Fstoppers Community Member

Inspiration strikes at random times, you may witness a beautiful fall scene with brightly colored leaves falling into a creek, or stumble across a wonderful painting that gets your creative juices flowing and sparks your imagination. Or like in the case of "Grossceries," you watch a documentary on food, and start to think about where food comes from. 

Coming to you from a member of the Fstoppers community, Juhamatti Vahdersalo, has released his latest project, "Grossceries," where he creates stories revolving around different foods we all love and enjoy, such as popcorn, or my personal favorite condiment, Ketchup. If you recall, Vahdersalo was featured on Fstoppers in December of 2017, winning the photo of the day on the 15th for his image, “Too Much is Never Enough”. Vahdersalo, also created an amazing cardboard series which went viral last year, you can catch up on that project on Fstoppers here.

Vahdersalo was inspired after watching a documentary on how food was changed through its lifecycle from growing to ultimately being delivered to grocery stores. In this series, he gives the food persona’s, providing a different view on how our food comes to be.

Vahdersalo explains in his blog that his shop, piled high with wood and plastic is his treasure trove when it comes to building his props. He doesn’t rely on every detail being perfect, knowing he can add details with Photoshop later. As you can see below the before and after of “Popcorn” is a fantastic transformation! 

Make sure to check out the full blog and follow Vahdersalo on Fstoppers, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Images used with permission of Juhamatti Vahdersalo.

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Trey Amick is a full-time photographer based in Northern VA. Trey found photography as an outlet to the work-life he wanted out of, and after several years made the jump. Trey focuses on landscapes for personal projects but can be found working on commercial projects and weddings as well. Trey also enjoys bladesmithing.

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drawings? i dont think so, and they dont look like drawings at all.. maybe paintings! but thats what makes the work look so good!

Jesus Acatual Christ I'd love to be that good in photoshop. It's like one of my dreams to be able to do stuff like that

Creative and talented but a bit disturbed.

Very symbolic, thought provoking images. Great work and executed to a very high level.