Cardboard Turned to Photo Art

Cardboard Turned to Photo Art

Let’s face it, some people are just more creative than others. There’s no denying that we all think in radically different ways. Some of us are more "in the box" creatives, leaning towards more straightforward images - images that are technically perfect when viewed by a histogram or composition. Those artists create on the go, and in the end are able to make what others can only strive for, unique pieces of art.

Juhamatti Vahdersalo, a photographer who seems to fit naturally into the ladder group has recently created a series of images based on cardboard dioramas. Yes, cardboard of all things. In his latest blog post, Juhamatti goes into detail on how he created these miniature sets, each of which tells a unique story. 

What is most interesting about Juhamatti's approach is that he builds these mini-figures when he has nothing else to shoot. These cardboard creations open the door to his own imagination while allowing him to experiment with his photography and lighting techniques too. The results are simply breathtaking and surreal. 

I’m often labeled as one of the more "outside the box" creatives by my friends and coworkers. But I have to admit that in six moves across the country over the last five years, I never once thought to create miniatures from the hundreds of cardboard boxes I've had at my disposal. Obviously, I missed an opportunity! 

Check out his website and follow him on Facebook.

Images used with Permission of Juhamatti Vahdersalo

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Trey Amick is a full-time photographer based in Northern VA. Trey found photography as an outlet to the work-life he wanted out of, and after several years made the jump. Trey focuses on landscapes for personal projects but can be found working on commercial projects and weddings as well. Trey also enjoys bladesmithing.

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That's awesome! Really well done, I love it!