Photography 101 Tutorial by Fstoppers Is Now Available in the Store

Fstoppers is bringing it back to the basics with our latest project, Photography 101: How to Use Your Digital Camera and Edit Photos in Photoshop. If you're just getting started in your photography career or simply want to learn how to take better pictures, this tutorial will teach you the fundamentals that bridge the gap into any genre of photography. This tutorial also offers ground up training in how to successfully use Photoshop to improve your images dramatically. 

Since it's beginning, Fstoppers has worked hard to bring the photography community quality education that raises the standards of the industry. Our best content has come in the form of full length tutorials with incredible photographers like Peter Hurley, Elia Locardi, Mike Kelley, Dylan Patrick, and Joey Wright. However, these tutorials have been catered toward the professional working photographer and may be difficult  to understand for people just starting in photography. 

Photography 101 is designed for the amateur photographer wanting more out of their images. Whether you're looking to take better pictures of your family, want to better your hobby, or want to get started in a new photography career, this tutorial will set the groundwork for getting you there. We teach you how to take control of all the manual settings on your DSLR camera and make the decisions for the images you want to create. We'll walk you through a basic understanding of lighting and using flash. Then, we'll then take you along on a shoot to put into practice everything we've taught. 

Everyone knows that Photoshop can really improve your pictures, but it's an intimidating program when you don't understand it. This tutorial comes with a 2 1/2 hour section teaching you all the basics of Photoshop from Pratik Naik, one of the best retouchers in the world. After watching the lessons with Pratik, we give you the option to follow along with Lee and edit the images taken from our practice shoot. These two Photoshop sections will give you the ability to open any image you shoot and understand the steps needed to improve it with post processing. 



If your goal is to one day take pictures as good as or better than the professionals you seen featured on, you have to start by mastering the basics. The knowledge taught in Photography 101 is fundamental to every single genre of photography. From here, you can take your photography anywhere. 



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David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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hello david strauss am not good in online shopping how can i buy this toturial

Click on the link in the first paragraph of this post. It will take you to the sales page. On the sales page, find the "Buy Now" button, this will take you to a sales cart page. You will then be able to check out using a credit card through Paypal.