Hilarious Video Results After Man's Father Films Entire Trip With Camera Facing the Wrong Way

We all get thwarted by technology from time to time. It's inevitable. When seniors try to embrace new gadgets the results are often frustrating for everyone involved, but in some cases the results can be downright funny.

A gentleman named Howard Newman took a trip to Amsterdam armed with his son's GoPro camera in hopes of documenting his trip with his mother. To the world's amusement, Newman's son discovered while editing the footage that his father captured while on holiday was not of the beautiful views, but of himself.

The videos captured resemble what most of us are used to seeing when we go to snap an image with our smartphone, only to realize we have the wrong camera selected, and the camera has a partial view up our nose. The son, Matt, described his father to MailOnline saying, "He’s not great with technology so I gave him a quick rundown of how the buttons work — not thinking it would be that difficult as there is only three — and set him on his way." Newman's explanation for the error in shooting was the fact the three buttons were in the wrong place.

Have any of our readers been bested by new technology before and want to share (perhaps at the amusement for everyone in the community)?

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Trey Amick is a full-time photographer based in Northern VA. Trey found photography as an outlet to the work-life he wanted out of, and after several years made the jump. Trey focuses on landscapes for personal projects but can be found working on commercial projects and weddings as well. Trey also enjoys bladesmithing.

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Forget technology~this is an absolutely brilliant pictorial of a man and his thoughts, candidly shot~I am in awe!

This is beautiful and makes me miss my dad.

It made miss mine too!

This video made the rounds almost a year ago, last winter I believe.

Maby people taught he was vlogging !:P after this he should start, ice would already be broken!

Absolutely delicious video! Love it!

There's this guy called Casey Neistat that keeps doing the same thing but apparently nobody has told him he's doing it wrong yet.