National Geographic Photographer Discusses Career in Photography

Wouldn't it be great traveling the world and taking pictures for a living? Famed National Geographic Photographer Susan Seubert discusses her career in a recent TEDx talk.

Seubert began her journey with the Pacific North West College of Art located in Portland, Oregon where she obtained her bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography. Originally Seubert believed her calling was in photojournalism, but after interning in New York City and finishing her thesis where she focused on domestic violence, she wanted to keep exploring the different avenues photography offers.

During the TEDx talk, Seubert makes it clear that photography takes dedication and constant pursuit in order to make it a career. For years after college, Seubert held up to five jobs at a time while working on various photography projects. One such project Seubert recalls was shooting for PRO Magazine. She said this was some of her finest work, with a hint of sarcasm, as PRO stands for Portable Restroom Operator. The point being, you have to continue moving forward and really work at making a career for yourself in photography.

The TEDx ends with Seubert explaining this career is not for the meek, but in fact this is a do-it-yourself career, but even though you put in the countless hours of work there isn’t success without the global community that supports the work.

Make sure to check out Seubert’s website and Instagram account.

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Well, I enjoyed Joel Sartore's Ted Talk a lot more. But to be fair, it was a very different approach.