Peak Design Donates 100% of Travel Tripod Profits to COVID-19 Response

Peak Design Donates 100% of Travel Tripod Profits to COVID-19 Response

Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry solutions, has announced it will donate 100% of profits from all Travel Tripods sold during the company’s highly anticipated launch, April 7 through April 10, 2020.

Profits will include both sales of tripods through Peak Design and through retailers worldwide. Funds generated by the launch will be donated to the CDC Foundation to support their efforts on the front lines of the COVID-19 response and to Climate Neutral, an organization that helps businesses from all industries verifiably achieve carbon neutrality.

A completely redesigned tripod that was four years in the making, Travel Tripod is available in both aluminium and carbon fiber options

More than four years in the making, Peak Design’s newest release, Travel Tripod, is a ground-up reexamination of camera tripod design to produce the world’s most portable, packable, and easy to set up tripod for professionals and first-time tripod owners alike, available both in carbon fiber and aluminum legs ($599.95 / $349.95). Originally introduced to the Kickstarter community in May 2019, the Travel Tripod raised $12.1 million through 27,168 backers. Peak Design directly addressed their biggest gripe with traditional tripods: spatial inefficiency and unnecessary bulk.

The Travel Tripod can fold down to roughly the size of a water bottle and fits in most side pockets of camera bags

Peak Design’s goal was to eliminate the dead space within a tripod, an ever-present inefficiency that often doubles or triples the effective diameter of a packed tripod. Peak Design engineers reworked Travel Tripod’s legs and center column to nest perfectly together in order to achieve a total packed diameter of just 3.25 inches — roughly the diameter of a water bottle.

Travel Tripods can extend to 60 inches tall — that's over 1.5 meters while packing down into a tiny space

The result is a tripod that deploys to 60 inches tall while taking up less than half the volume of its competitors. They recently completed fulfillment to their Kickstarter community and are set to launch the Travel Tripod worldwide direct to consumers on April 7 at 12am PST. Units will be available for immediate shipping on Peak Design and from retail partners worldwide.

Travel Tripod strap makes it easy to carry with you, even if you're not taking a camera bag

Peak Design incorporated feedback from media partners and the Kickstarter community to enhance the final design. Revisions include: a newly designed hex tool key with included leg clip holder; a padded, weatherproof carry bag with easier access; and an ultralight conversion kit to turn the Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop tripod.

The size difference between its collapsed and fully extended state is astonishing

In addition, Peak Design made the decision to utilize an aluminum center column for the carbon fiber tripod. Extensive testing carried out by their engineering team in consultation with David Berryrieser from The Center Column (the foremost expert in tripod stability and stiffness testing) revealed a significant improvement in the aluminum center column resisting lateral twist, less vertical slip, and a higher maximum load for the counterweight hook — all this for the addition of only 16 g, or 10 paper clips worth of additional weight.

Visit Peak Design's Travel Tripods page for more information, or head to CDC Foundation to follow their work towards the front-line COVID-19 response, or Climate Neutral to learn more about going carbon neutral for business.

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Production cost including salary: I will guess.
They are giving away the leftover crumbs to get extra news coverage.
"I will buy this tripod cause benefice will got to help people" versus " I will give directly to help people"
A real figure would have make more sens; I'm totally with you.

I know not everyone company can do this but they are great. If we all could just come together and help each other with the smallest of things can work miracles.

Peak Design or any other company doesn't have to do this. Regardless of the amount, it's being donated. Some companies will fold under the onslaught of this wretched virus. It just goes to show that good news, however small, just doesn't generate a lot of good press, which is more the pity.

I don't donate on the behave of other companies. If I buy this, they get the credit and the tax write off. Then I'm stuck with a tripod with a impractical head. There is a reason they are willing to part with their stock.

I would rather hear they donated 20k to fund masks or something like that. Not that they got rid of a bunch inventory they got to write off.

If you want to help, look local and donate there.

They've already sold 27,000 of them for $12 million through Kickstarter pre-orders. Not sure how much stock they have laying around.

This thing looks great! I really wish I needed a tripod, seriously.

Seems like a genuine and generous thing to do. Profits are very dear to companies right now, and photography gear isn't flying off the shelves.

100% profits to Covid 19? Or 100% of their profits will go to Covid 19 and Climate Neutral? There's a difference.