Photoflex Releases An Official Statment On The Sudden Closing Of Business

Photoflex Releases An Official Statment On The Sudden Closing Of Business

Some of you thought that my post last week about photography accessories brand Photoflex suddenly closing its doors without warning after 30 years of business was a possible April Fools' joke. I wouldn't blame you since it seemed to be annouced late in the day prior to April 1st and they seemed to be a fully-functioning business right up until the final moments. I did email Photoflex to inquire about more information and they did just send back the following press release:

Photoflex, Inc.

April 2015

Photoflex would like to thank all of our supporters over the last 30 years.  They have been filled with very fond memories and challenges from our start-up days out of a garage through our multiple locations and countries we have done business in over the years.

To our employees past and present – our 30 years in business could not have been done without you and you will forever hold our thanks and support.

We do understand this may come as a surprise to most of you however this was necessary due to health reasons of our primary holder and industry changes that we no longer have the ability to invest in.

We still remain hopeful that the Photoflex brand will live on in some capacity and while we work through those opportunities it was necessary to close our office.  We are still servicing our existing dealers and distributors and will do so until all opportunities have been addressed.

We hope to be able to notify all of our supporters in the next 30 days of final outcomes and at that time we will post a message on our website.

All the best and thank you for your support

Gene Kester and Sharon Reeves


Truly a sad story. I personally have been a loyal user of their softboxes for many years, and I would hate to think their brand has faded off forever. I appreicate that they took the time to give us a better idea about what transpired, and I know a lot of us over at Fstoppers are pulling for them to get back on their feet.

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Health issue is such a sad way of "loosing" a company for an owner or stakeholder. This would almost deserve a kickstarter to save the business, from the employees side of things. Their products are such a reference on the market, a very sad news at this stage.

Kickstarter is a good idea.

I know this may sound kind of weird but I wonder if it was possible that Paul Buff may have had a silent hand in the company some way or how. I know Paul did believe greatly in American made products and brands

To cite health problems as a reason to shutter an entire company is BS to me. To not put in an adequate line of succession when potentially 10s or 100s of employees (I don't know how large this company was) count on the business is just a dick move. I know this wasn't the sole reason, but I think its BS and just poor business management.