Photographer Answers Top 10 Photography Questions

Whether you're a professional, new hobbyist, or somewhere in between, it's always interesting to hear photographers' answers to common questions on photography.

Karl Taylor is a highly experienced photographer, and one of the clearest and most straightforward YouTubers on the platform. In the above video he answers 10 common questions put to photographers.

Question 9 is a particularly interesting one: how do you market your photography and how did you when you first started? It highlighted a change that made me a little sad. Taylor talks about how he would send large printed brochures to art directors, for example. Where as now, it tends to be an email with a link to a portfolio and some social media profiles. Perhaps that's a way to separate yourself from the pack.

What would your answers be to some of these questions?

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video, huh? will wait till someone post the summary :-)

Yes, its about photography.

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well, read the description under the video for a start...
Find out what everyone wants to know and the answers from a top pro:
Q1 - 0:35 Can I use branded items in my portfolio?
Q2 - 1:20 What’s the difference between the modelling lamp and the flash in a studio light?
Q3 - 2:13 I want to setup a studio, what studio lights and basic modifiers should I get?
Q4 - 2:33 How do I price my work?
Q5 - 4:01 I’m looking to buy a new lens, which one would you recommend for; landscape, portrait or product photography?
Q6 - 5:33 What camera should I buy for beginner, advanced or professional level?
Q7 - 7:15 What is the best monitor to use? Do you calibrate your monitor and how often?
Q8 - 8:26 I want to work as a photographers’ assistant, how do I do this and what skills will I need?
Q9 - 9:48 How do you market yourself? How did you market yourself when you started out in photography?
Q10 - 11:34 Where do you get your ideas from?

You're welcome

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Karl is an outstanding teacher. His education platform is ridiculously cheap (like $15/mo). The instruction and production quality are excellent. (obligatory disclaimer: no affiliation)

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100% agree. One of the few education sites that doesn't just teach basic bitch 45 degree lighting. Learned a ton of very useful tips on there.