Put More BUSINESS In Your Photo Business

FS reader Jordan Murphy just sent us an email moments ago asking if we would post more videos about the business side of photography. His timing could not have been more perfect because a few days ago I watched a great video on just that by Allen Murabayashi.

The video below is not going to be as fun to watch as a fast paced BTS but this is the stuff that will take a hobby and turn it into a profession. Most people think that I am a successful photographer because I take good pictures and that is simply not true. Having a solid product is important but getting it into the hands of a customer is the hard part. How dedicated are you?

Put More Business in Your Photo Business from PhotoShelter.com on Vimeo.

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I love the 11:00 min mark...I find myself spending a lot of wasted time when my very product depends so much on my own undivided attention. Trust me, starting a photography business or starting a community like FS is not easy work. Great video from Allen, I hope you guys respond well to this sort of stuff because Lee and I def want to offer more in the way of running a successful business.

This was a great video. Super informative. I'm just starting a photography business and it's exactly the information I needed right now. I will definitely be happy to continue seeing these types of posts in the mix.

I had a chuckle when he paused to check the tea kettle.

Thanks a lot for this video. I'm actually one of those college kids running his show photography website with a another student from my University and this got me a lot of pointers about what to do next. If you ever have more of the business side, don't hesitate to post them.

I agree with everything BUT the coupon thing for mid to high priced wedding photographers.

Sure coupons may work if you are doing a portrait session for a few hundred bucks but if you advertise that you are giving 20% off on a 5-15k wedding package your previous clients who paid full price will not be happy. It also lowers your perceived value. Do famous painters give coupons out for their paintings?

Hey Lee, totally agree that you might want to be careful offering discounts for the reasons that you mention. But, there are still ways to increase the value the customer perceives. For example, rather than discounting your normal package, add something to it for free, or at discount. Like a free upgrade to an ultra premium wedding album for the price of a standard album.

Thanks very much for this post ... after watched millions of photography videos, i'm so eager to go out there and start making some money, but know at least I know how to channel my eager on the right way .. :-)

I found some points in this video very interesting. I really enjoy watching all the BTS videos but would prefer more business related content, especially of this quality.

Thanks for posting this video - really helped me out, especially because I'm just in the process of creating a new website for marketing my photography.

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I really liked the point about a facebook page not just being about fan numbers, but using it to generate real interest. I've always thought just having another facebook page left you in the same predicament as having a standard webpage: conversions. Use facebook to build interest *around* you, not necessarily *about* you constantly. This video did seem to sort of downplay the effectiveness of non-internet techniques, which I think might not be sending the wisest message. There's no magic bullet to any of this, but meat-space has people waiting for you to impress them in tangible ways.

Great addition. It's not eye-popping stuff, but it's very noteworthy.

Best salespitch for Photoshelter EVER! Gread vid too.. =)

Wow! I had already begun working on new pricing and new branding for my photography business for 2011 and this made me rethink everything I was doing in a good way. Thanks for the post

I agree. I just posted this vid to a facebook group that I'm a part of telling the we all need to get our sh*t together

Thank you. The best marketing help for photographers I've seen in a long time. It was also completely UNspoilt by the last slide. Something others would do well to emulate. Please do more of these.

I think the idea of "building interest around you" is exactly what Fstoppers does. I love the site, and I have a great appreciation for the condensed information/interviews I get from THIS site. Well PLAYED!!!

haha, how ironic: just as he mentions that one should not get distracted, he drops his headset to take switch the kettle off that was distracting him in the background and then he returns continueing to the talk as if nothing distracted him! haha

This is a great video, took notes during the whole video, plan to share this with my second shooter. Made me realize maybe I need to branch out and its not the lens that I need but how to market myself better.

What an interesting video. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this video, it was very insightful. I have spent a while planning to launch my business and setting up costs and ROI. I appreciate all the helpful advice.