Ready to Start Making Money From Your Photography? Here's How

For a lot of us, making the move from passionate hobbyist to professional is a dream, but the road there is anything but straight and easy to navigate. If you are ready to start making some income from your photography, this excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful advice to increase your chances of finding success.

Coming to you from John Gress, this great video tutorial discusses some tips for finding business success as a photographer. The trap that a lot of photographers fall into is thinking that skill with the camera will automatically translate to professional success, but the truth is that while being a competent photographer is absolutely an important part of the process, it is only one of many parts. There are sadly a lot of very talented photographers who never find professional stability because they lack the business acumen to translate their creative skills into financial success. On the other hand, some of the most successful photographers may not be world-beaters, but they have sharp business skills and know how to leverage them. Be sure not to overlook the importance of having strong business abilities to match your photo skills. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Gress.

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