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Sam Hon Makes UFC Fighters Fight Themselves

Sam Hon takes fighting to an entirely new level with his campaign for Optical Panecea. Sam's creative vision in this campaign was to make each fighter fight themselves while drawing creativity from each fighters raw character to make each image unique.

Sam Hon is a photographer based out of LA that specializes in conceptual images, many of which for UFC fighters and Optical Panacaea.

“Optical Panecea was created when I did an image for Urijah Faber, and it was inspired by a story I saw in a youtube clip of him defending himself, when he was in Bali Indonesia, against it was a group of guys, maybe 10-15 guys.”

The video inspired an idea for a photoshoot where Faber would be fighting himself. Taking photos from a variety of positions, Faber had no idea what the final product would look like. The final image delivered was a panoramic composite of Urijah in combat with himself. Blown away by the photo, Urijah approached Hon and said, “We're starting a company." [via Hasselblad Bron Blog]

It's always good news when you are asked to be a part of a company after making one image for a client, which is what sounds like happened to Sam Hon after starting this campaign. Sam's composition and creativity in his approach to his images are what helps him stand out in an ever growing industry crowded with similar images. His approach is methodical and well-planned. It also doesn't hurt to have high impact, high energy characters as subjects.

What do you like about this campaign? What did you think about the BTS video?

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Really... ? a big LCD screen to try and convince someone its worth buying a hasselblad? lolzs.

liked the concept behind the panoramic, not sure a hasselblad was necessary or even the right tool for the job, but thats just me.

Hasselblad is always a right tool for the job. :) You're right, the screen size is definitely not the singular reason to buy a Hasselblad, there are tons of reasons. My point was when I'm shooting super fast because of time constraints and I might not be able to tether the big screen helps me out a lot.

Oh and your work is amazing.