Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career

All the talent in the world doesn't mean a thing if you undercut yourself with bad habits that can damage your career. This great video explores six bad habits that can cut a career short and how to turn them around to increase your chances of success.

Coming to you from Bobby Chiu, this great explores common bad habits of visual artists (these apply just as well to photographers) and how to fix them. Of them, my favorite is maintaining personal relationships; it's so important to never overlook the power of networking, particularly in a field like photography. I've gotten so much of my work through getting my name out there and random meetings where I mentioned what I do and that person just happened to need a photographer. Another habit I would add is always being prompt and meeting deadlines. Composers, for example, are notorious procrastinators, and my teacher always said: "there are a lot of so-so composers with careers because they meet deadlines and get things done." And he was right: clients expect the results they asked for on time, and if you can meet or even exceed their expectations in this regard, you've already done a lot to win their favor.

Lead image by Pexels user Mohamed Almari, used under Creative Commons.

[via Bobby Chiu]

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Bill Wells's picture

Good information. I guess. But watching the video was a little brutal.

1. Don't get information from only one source
2. Don't stop posting on social media
3. Don't be all about business
4. Don't get jaded
5. Don't tag artists on your work so they'll look at it
6. Don't stop learning

---- 20 minutes of life saved ----

Thanks. I stopped watching after he repeated the list of his influences a bunch of times.

Jeff Walsh's picture

here's a hug and a thank you...good lookin out

Felix Wu's picture

7. Don’t try to use the shortcut every time. ; ) But thank you I was expecting to read just that from the article before clicking the video.

Don Risi's picture

Thank you!!!

And here's a 7th -- Don't take 20 minutes to say what could be said in 5. Or 3.

Oh, and an 8th -- Don't use your list of Don't's (or do's) to show off your own talent. Just get on with it.